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Sixflags inc. made the desion too make all there parks open this weekend. So I being a local enthusist decided well since no one will be there I should go. And I was right there was noone there. On saturday there was maybe and this is a big maybe 2,000 people.


# rides ------ride

4 Screaming eagle

It was smoother then it had been at any other point this season

4 Boss

Like screaming eagle it was smooth too, by this I mean, I had no brusies or aches and pains after rideing.

1 Mr. Freeze

The ride seems too be causeign me too get sick after rideing it. It was so bad that I could only go two tiems straight (maybe its not the coaster and jsut my old age)

? Others

the other rides in the park are jsut as they always been. Nothign in particular too mention.

It was a good day got too ride every ride (outside of water ones) at least once except for three. And everyone was freindly and nice which may the day great. I actully got bord as well as did my girl freind, so we ended up leaveing around 3:30.


Weather: drizzly and COLD

When I got too the park at jsut after 11 there was less then 12 cars there. By noon there was less then 100 people at the park.

5 Screaming eagle

This thing got rough as hell, when it got wet. three alright rides up front. and two very painful rides in back. My spin is still hurting.

5 Boss

I had by far the three most intense (but not hurtful), speed filled rides of my life on ANY wooden coaster. I never had so much fun on coaster like I did on the Boss. I dont care what people say when that track gets wet that coaster flys. As for the 2 back rides they were fast but not as intense and jsut not as fun.

2 Freeze

Like before I could only take two rides.

Again multiple rides on almost all the rides at the park. And due too the fact there was noone there and me and my freinds were the only people on the ride, there were multiple rerides, with out getting up :-).

On a bad note the park closed two hours early today, due too there being less then 500 people in the park. It was alright, because everyone as they left were handed a ticket good thru May 23rd.

And I would like too thank all the ride ops that were so fun and in such good moods, despite the weather and this being the last weekend.

Well sorry if this reads like a 5 yr old wrote it. It was my first trip report and I wasnt really sure what too put.

There will be NO new coaster for SFSTL in 02'

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Man, 12 cars. I wish I got to go this weekend somewhere.


Heck of a weekend for power riding, no? Be glad you left early Saturday... it started to hail / freezing rain (not pleasant at 60mph...) and the rides shut down (I guess a few reopened later).

The Eagle must flip a coin as it leaves the station for good or bad rides. I had the best ride of the season on Sunday afternoon. Strange...

Not all of their parks were open this weekend. At least I hope not because if SFEG was open I missed work!:)

Just Kidding. Anyway, thats cool they did open up a few of the parks. Its always good to get that last day of riding in before the winter.

13 out of the 15 US Six Flags parks were open for at least part of the weekend(about 1/2 of those were already scheduled to be open). The two parks not open at all were SFEG and SFFT.

You could have done anything you wanted at SFSL yesterday, there was absolutely nobody there. Weather played a big part in the "last blast" weekend here in St. Louis.

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It starting sleeting Saturday just after we got in line for Mr. Freeze. Nothing like climbing the spike with little balls of ice whacking you in the face. The only thng that ticked me off was the twerps working the Eagle. They weren't letting people stay on if their line was empty.

Wood - Raven
Steel - Millennium Force
Generic, isn't it?

I actually got a re-ride on the Eagle on Sunday - the first time that ever happened. (Rember that there were maybe 500 people in the park... probably less...)

I have no idea why they are against Eagle re-rides, but they NEVER allow them.

I dont what happened too you guys on eagle but I got at least 3 or 4 straight rides on the eagle every time I went up there.

BTW was at the park today (11-6) and there is NOTHING too hint at any construction. This time last year all the equipment for scooby had started too arrive.

I will be very upset if my parking space is replaced with intiamin track. Or ANY track for that matter.

I have seen two different "Last Blast" trip reports from two different SF parks (GrAm and StL) and both TRs remarked about the incredibly small crowds.

My question is...."Why did SF plan this event in the first place?" Surely the parks lost money if there were less than 500 people in attendance.

This isn't the first time that they've done it. The last time I remember it being done was in 94 and the weather was unseasonably warm (it was still in the 70's). Maybe they thought the weather was going to hold.

Wood - Raven
Steel - Millennium Force
Generic, isn't it?

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