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Thursday, August 8, 2002 3:21 PM

Couldn't sleep very well night before at Amerisuites since I was so excited about SFOT the next day.I would stay 12 hours from 10-10.Anyways,I will rate the coasters on a scale from 1-10.By the way,Gotham City didn't didn't even start testing until 15 minutes prior to opening!I was relieved to see them finally testing though.

Arrived at park at 9:45 and headed straight to Titan with the running of the bulls.

Titan-8 rides-Awesome ride!Finally received my first front row seat on Titan ever even after riding Titan in 2001.I have to say the ride has good airtime if you leave your lapbar loose enough.The front row is definately a better ride with all the air and the view on all the ride.Plus,if you get the front row you always get a good picture taken.All I have to say is good ride and airtime especially on airtime bunny hop.Oh get this,I out of coincidence got the last train out on Titan at end of day and the darn ride operator wouldnt let me ride the front row after waiting 15 extra minutes for it.She said I had to spread out if I wanted to ride the last train!I was so pissed!You ride operators better all not be like this!I rode it next morning though.

Mr.Freeze-4 rides-Had a long line all day long but I wanted to ride it a lot.This was my first time to ride Mr.Freeze with the new lapbars and I have to say it's much better and more fun with lapbars!Awesome ride though with the new lapbars!This is one loud ride though!

Batman-at least 6 rides-Rode batman a lot because there was no line for it all day long.I really love the intense helix after the second loop because it's really intense.never rode front row but it's still an awesome,intense ride anywhere you ride it!

Shockwave-1 ride-Only rode it once but all I got to say is it has some cool airtime drops after the loops and also the two consecutive loops are real intense.The lifthill is really slow and loud.

Runaway mountain-4 rides-I had come on this ride expecting it to be similar to mayan mindbender at sfaw but this ride is much more exciting!It is actually really freaky being in the dark going nowhere to your knowledge.I especially love the one twisting drop if anyone know which one I speak of.

La Vibra-0 rides-just didn't feel like riding it.

Texas Giant-4 rides-The first ride of the day on this ride was horrible!Was really rough and painful.The last three rides were at night and were consecutive rides since no one was in line.The last three rides it was awesome and fun because it seemed faster and scarier at night time.I especially love the very end because it goes so fast at the end.

All in all I had an awesome day with barely any lines anywhere except for Mr.Freeze because it had the popularity the whole day.I just hope SFOT gets something in 2003 because it is a great park and needs to keep expanding to stay great.I looked at the lake by judge roy scream and it definately looks like a likely place for our next coaster.

Thursday, August 8, 2002 4:04 PM

Good TR, but I, for one, would be very sad to see a coaster be on the lake.. that would ruin the whole picturesque quality of the Judge Roy Scream and the entrance!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: SFoT needs flat rides! That is truly the department where this flagship park lacks.


Thursday, August 8, 2002 5:07 PM

Great TR, and good timing for me since I'm headed there on Thurs 8/22 or Fri 8/23. Shockwave was the surprise of my last visit (spring 01) -- it has airtime to rival the best of airtime coasters.

PLEASE READ: This post wasn't meant to offend or anger anyone; I apologize in advance if it does. So please don't post a reply just to rant about it. :)

Thursday, August 8, 2002 6:55 PM
Nice TR! Sonds like a fun day.



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