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Saturday, April 28, 2001 5:04 AM
I went to SFoT yesterday about 4PM to get a ride on Titan after work. When I got there I found that Titan had not been running all day and there was a line from the entrance to the queue back to the Spain section. I wasn't gonna wait around so I decided to catch a ride on the Texas Giant but once in line one train got stuck on the lift hill and another in the mid course brakes so the closed the ride. I then went back and checked the line for Titan and found it had still not opened. I then decided to catch a ride on Runaway Mountain because I have not ridden it all year.

Runaway Mountain - Running very smooth and fast with lots of G's. Still needs some work with the wall cracks since you can see the sun through them and the track so it kinda diminishes from the ride.

Went back to the Titan line and it had still not moved so I decided to catch a ride on the Giant again but hence once in line another train got stuck on the lift hill and the ride closed. This happened about 6 times in the course of the time I was there.

I then decided to just give up on riding the Giant on and got in the Titan line since at this time they had began testing the trains empty so it seemed like it would open. I was in line about 45 minutes and Titan opened for the first time to the public. Six Flags did a great job controlling the line once it got done to the queue line and they tossing line jumpers out of the line. The queue is gorgeous with the giant Titan sign and all the Old West(Big Bend) Texas theming. Just be careful not to wear anything you want to keep since the queue is made of pine logs and has lots of sap in it.

Titan First Ride - I only had to wait about 20 minutes for my first ride and it was on the 10th train to run. The trains are amazingly comfortable and smooth. The first hill takes over a minute to climb and the drop into the tunnel is amazing. As you can tell this is my first ride on a hyper. The tunnel is cool but the
fog was not on last night so it did not provide that much disorientation. The airtime hill is amazing i was in the middle car and out of my seat the whole time. The first helix has a lot of positive G's and the midcourse brakes are very light in my opinion. The second helix has just as many G's as the first and a lot of headchopper effects after the helix before you roll into the station.

Second Ride - I got back in line to ride a second time considering I may get to ride again before the park closes since the line had gotten about 3 times as long. I waited about 30 minutes till I got to the station to get on and then a train got stuck on the lift hill and one in the station brakes. It took them about 20 minutes to get it going again. This time I got a ride in the back since I was riding single and there was a open. Ride was just as awesome as before but with less air this time and lots more G's

All in all Titan is a awesome ride and is now my #1 coaster.

P.S. This is my first report so I apologize if it is long.
Saturday, April 28, 2001 10:22 AM
Not long at all...pretty good IMO. It sounds like Titan is having some problems, but I'd expect that to go away very fast. I don't know, but I would think it's not uncommon for a brand new coaster to have some kinks to work out right when it opens.

The Giant, though...that doesn't sound good. It opened later in the day when I was there in March -- 2pm I think. But I don't remembering it having problems and I thought it was great.

I plan to be down there in a couple weeks. If so I sure hope they've straigtened out whatever is going on with what are IMO their two best rides.

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Saturday, April 28, 2001 9:53 PM
Well, I was there tonight and sure enough trains kept getting stuck on the lift hill of the Titan. After about an hour wait the finally got it working right and I'm pleased to report that the ride ran smoothly for the remainder of the evening. Riding Titan at night is an increadible experiance, the view from atop Titan's first hill was so breathtaking I was almost hoping the train would get stuck at the top so I could enjoy it for awhile. But, of course, the train didn't get stuck and we began our desent into the tunnel. Now let me make one thing perfectly clear...I LOVE THAT FIRST DROP!!!!! Yeah, this was MY first ride on a Hyper also, and it was the greastest coaster I've ever ridden. After that first hill, I understood why they call them "Hypercoasters". I had never been on one before, I could never have imagined it being that powerfull and that fast. As for the rest of the ride it was amazing to say the least. The second drop was totally fun and that bunny hop right before the first helix was rightous. And now for that first helix......AWESOME!!!!!!! The G's and the head choppers were indescribeable, you simply have to experiance it for youself to understand. If the Goliath lacks this particular helix then I feel sorry for SFMM's patrons, they simply don't know what they're missing. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Goliath is an oustanding ride, but not IMHO as oustanding as Titan with it's two helix's. BRAVO SFOT!!! You took an already great ride and made it even better! Oh, and case I neglected to mention the rest of the ride....well....let's just say UTTERLY FANTASTIC!!!! The second helix nearly rendered me unconsious, especially after that first one! I hadn't fully gotten over the effects of the first helix when we began aproaching the second. Let me tell you I have never in my life felt effects like that on a ride. Needless to say that Titan has just become my favorite coaster as well.

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