Sfot questions for my trip on thurday aug 2! PLEAS

Sunday, July 29, 2001 7:04 PM
I have a few questions i'm dying to know and I really need the help!These questions are for my trip for thursday aug 2.Questions:

1)How long can I expect Titan's lines to be for a thursday on aug 2 since they are only running two trains right now?

2)What time should I get to the park for shortest lines to buy tickets?

3)Will the lines be long for Batman and Mr.Freeze right after the park opens because i'm heading straight toward them after the gates open?
Sunday, July 29, 2001 7:11 PM
I'd consider scouting out a local grocery store (I THINK Tom Thumb stores sell them up there) to buy tickets in advance (the day before, etc).. cheaper, too.

I've heard that Titan has up to a 2 hour wait, but I can't say for sure, since I've only been on media day.
Sunday, July 29, 2001 7:18 PM
If you head straight to Batman and Mr. Freeze you should be able to get a few rides on each with no wait, as everyone charges to Titan.
Sunday, July 29, 2001 7:45 PM
I was at SFOT this past Thursday and it wasn't real busy! You should be able to catch Batman and Mr. Freeze in like 20 minutes or so if you go right after gates open! I timed The line for Titan at 45 minutes, thats with two trains running! You will have to wait another 25 minutes or so if you want the front and about 20 for back! They had Titan closed for awhile Thursday, finally opened around 3:00 or a little after! I didn't ride till about 4:15- rode it 3 times in that time period and one of those times was waiting for the front seat and catching din din in between riding! But no matter what the wait,the ride is sure worth it!!

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Monday, July 30, 2001 10:00 AM
We went in July on a Sunday and Monday. Sunday's wait for the Titan was 20 minutes and Mondays was about 45 and that was with it stalling on the lift hill once. We leasurely walked back to the section it's located in while everyone else ran like maniacs and still didn't have that long of a wait. Have fun, it's an awesome ride but so is Batman & Mr. Freeze...

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