SFOT in December?

Hey gang.

My wife and I are going to be in Dallas and free in early December. Can anyone give me their impressions of SFOT around that time of year?

Is it worth loading on the layering and sweater and heading on out for an early evening of coastering?



Holiday in the Park has lost a little of the charm it had 10 or 15 years ago, but it is still my favorite time of the year to visit. Expect big crowds and many of the rides to be closed for early rehab.
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Freeze will be down.

Last year, IIRC, Texas Giant, Freeze, B:TR and maybe Flashback were down. It tends to be pretty busy (especially on Saturdays) and pretty cold (for Texas) but it is nicely themed and you can warm up with hot choco. Overall a nice time in the park, but don't expect to ride too much.

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My mom and I went to Holiday In The Park two years ago. The weather was freezing, the park was crowded, all of Gotham City was closed including Texas Giant, but it was probably one of the best festivals I've been to at any park! Haha, I do recommend anyone to go!


I went last year, and it was pretty good. This year the wbesite has only listed Freeze, Roaring Rapids, Flashback, and the bumper cars to be closed for HIP, but that could change.

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