SFOT 6-13-02

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I went to SFOT on thursday 13.

We went over to DC Comics areas 1st. Mr. Freeze was broken. We went over to Batman. Walk-on in the fist row. Great ride, as usual. We then went over to Judge Roy Scream. We rode it 5x in a row w/o gettin out of our seats. We skipped Flashback, started our way toward Titan, then we were stopped. Lil Bow Wow was on the Carousel handing out Championship Rugs to Texas's best basketball, baseball, etc. teams. It was the Best of Texas Festival. So after 30 minutes of seeing him we went on to Titan. The wait was 20 minutes to a back seat. The ride is awesome. It has ur adrenaline pumping all throughout the ride. The 1st drop is soo scary. Next we walked over to Texas Giant. 5 minutes wait for a huge headache. It was really bumpy and they had the nerve to put a trim brake in the middle of the ride. After that we ate some curly fries and got something to drink. We made our way over to the D.C Comics area and Mr. Freeze was OPEN. That ride is off da chain. No headbanging, its really smooth, u can hold up your hands, and u get an awesome view on the top hat. Thats my ride. I was in line to ride it again, when it broke down. Boo hoo. So i ran over to Batman again and it was a 10 minute wait. After that we went over to The Mine Train ride. The sky was gettin really dark. After that we went to Runaway Mountain. When we came outta that ride we had to run over to a store. The wind was blowing and it looked bad. So we though the storm passed and we went over to Shock Wave and when we got in line it closed down. it was only 3:00pm when this happened. We could have had 7 more hors of fun on rides if it werent for the stupid rain.

Rides 1-5 Scale 1 Meaning bad, 5 Meaning good

1) Batman- 4, great ride; smooth and fun.
two rides, 1st and 5th row

2) Judge Roy Scream-4; great airtime, fun
five rides, all in 2nd and 3rd rows

3) Mr Freeze-5; awesome ride, smooth, launch is fun
one ride , in 5th row

4) Runaway Mountain-3.5; jerky but fun and the restraints are harsh
one ride, in 2nd train

5) Texas Giant-3; rough, harsh, fun ride
one ride, in 7th row

6) Mine Train-5; great ride, end always gets me
one ride, 2nd train

7) Titan-5; fun; good view of park, scary tunnel, smooth, best hyper
one ride , 5th row

I didn't get to ride Flashback, Wilcatter, and La Vivro (wateva) due to rain. Im gonna visit SFOT again b4 summer is over. Sorry soo late, I was lazy

Thanks for the TR! Glad you had fun!

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Nice TR! Sorry about the rain.

-Sean Newman
84 coasters in Track Record!! Hypersonic XLC # 100 in July. Waiting for the 305 foot drop tower in 2003. Thank you PKD.

Its ok, I rode just about everything.
Great TR.I could have told you about the Texas Giant it just keeps getting rougher.They try to retrack it but the money involed is insane.Plus the huge amounts of work they would have to put into it.
How the heck did you find Runaway Mountain jerky in the least? It's probably one of the the smoothest coasters on earth.

.:| Brandon Rodriguez |:.

I don't see why folks don't like the Texas Giant.... perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones who have gotten to experience that magical TG journey... tons of air... speeds seemingly faster than Titan or Freeze... wild, frenzied, totally-out-of-control drops and turns... only one brake (the one at the first half of the ride)... a surprisingly quick mid-section... and a truly wonderful magic carpet bang of an ending...

Makes me want to go... RIGHT NOW!

Oh yeah, good TR.

It was a lil jerky to me. That doesn't mean it wasn't smooth. It was really smooth. The really I may think its jerky is because it's in the dark.

Valpengeist when was the last time you rode the TG? God I wish it was that awesome! Dont get me wrong it's a preety neat ride with a great layout and ending.But it's just a little to rough.Make that way to rough.

Maybe I just enjoy the roughness... The last time I rode was June 5, after some rain.

For a good ride on TG:

1) Pretty much any night 1-2 hours before closing in the back car. It's awesome!

2) After some rain (back car, again). It gets really wild!

(The first few hills on TG can be SOOOO cool!!)

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