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So our school had a physics day at the park, and it overall a pretty solid day. It's been well over a year since I got around to ride any roller coasters, so I was definitely excited. The only problem was that many other schools had their trip planned as well, and the park was insanely crowded for a Thursday.

We checked into the park, and I headed to the Titan with my group since we were doing our project on it; it was closed though so we decided to hit up some rides on the other end of the park and come back.

Mr Freeze was the first ride of the day; I like this ride a heck of a lot. It's fast, intense, and the vertical drop from the front seat is a lot of fun to go up and fall back down. The launch, while not as good as it was forwards, was still pretty exciting, especially since it was my first thrill ride in over 14 months. The line was quite long however since they were running one train on top of the increasing number of people at the park.

At this point after waiting in line and getting off the ride, we went for lunch. Typical overpriced Six Flags food. The Panda Express did not sit well with the Teacups we then went on: a group of 15 and 16 year-olds spinning the seats as fast as we could :P

At this point, I was dying to go on the Giant. Then I realized everyone else in my group was worried that it was a "wooden coaster," someone died on it, their parents told them not to ride on it, etc. So I made my biggest sacrifice of the day and skipped my chance of riding it in two or so years.

Batman was next. The ride was self-explanatory; nice, intense, and of course overused. I have always been pleasantly surprised to note that there are no mid-course brakes, and the ride keeps it speed quite nicely.

The Skyscreamer, Pandemonium, and Runaway Mountain Train were next (I don't think much of an explanation is required; they are all solid rides as they are advertised). Finally, onto the biggest surprise of the day...

Shockwave: I had ridden this about two or three times before, and I never really liked it at all. This time, however, it rode extremely well. The first drop was pretty cool and let nicely to the loops. There were some pretty solid G's and a very surprising amount of floater air throughout the entire track. I came up out of my seats a good number of times. Definitely have a higher opinion on this ride now.

And that pretty much concludes the day at Six Flags. Unfortunately, I was unable to ride Titan and NTG, but it could have gone a lot worse as well. The rides were insane during some points of the day, and we were fairly lucky to get through some of them pretty quickly.

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This was similar to my visit at the end of March. A Sunday morning, and a Bring a Friend for Free day. Started off the place was dead. Walk-ons for Mr Freeze and Batman. But then, after church let out, the place became an absolute madhouse. We ended up leaving around 4pm. Even though this was a vacation visit (we live in OH) we'd been there enough in the past to not want to deal with the crowds. And they were the bad kind of crowds, the line jumping, noisy, rude kind of crowds.

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Tommytheduck, It's funny that you implied, on purpose or not, that the after church Sunday crowd is rude, noisy, and line jumpy. I work at the service desk at a retail store, and it seems to me that the after church Sunday crowd is also very similar to that description.

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Not to overgeneralize, but my least favortie kind of group to run into at the park are the youth church groups. In general, I find them to be the least behaved bunches.


Great report dude. Sorry you didn't get to ride TG. I haven't ridden it since the rebuildling. I take it Justice League isn't open yet? Also, Shock Wave has always been my favorite ride, even over Batman. B&M can't do it like Schwarzkopf did. I did get to ride Batman backwards and nearly lost my hearing aid. Not cool. I hope to get out to SFOT this summer to ride the Justice League dark ride.

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Justice League just opened this weekend. Season pass holder preview was on Friday and public opening was on Sat.

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Actually, I really didn't mean to imply that at all. It was just the overall crowd in general.

The church comment only cam about because I was racking my brain trying to figure out why the crowds didn't arrive until so late in the day. Then I remembered when I used to live in TX 16 years ago... "Hi, my name is xxxx, nice to meet you, what church do you go to?"

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