SFoT-5/19/01 (Titan baby!)

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Saturday, May 19, 2001 12:36 PM
It was finally time to challenge Titan at SFoT. Any ways to the TR:

Me and my cousin arrived at the park around 9:30. We both had season passes, so we skipped through those lines. They were letting people pass the main waiting area. Of course, we decided to head to Titan (Like most people there today). Us and hundreds of other people were waiting for them to open the gates into the actual park.

At 10:00, all hell broke loose. We were running for our lives. Almost everyobdy was sprinting towards Titan. Finally we got to the entrance.

I was already sweating from that run. BTW, it was a hot, sunny day in Texas (Not good for waiting in line).

They said that nobody could run, and if they caught you, they would kick you out of the park.

We walked towards the big orange, teel structure. It was great to see it up close and personal. We picked the 14th row (Second from the back) for our first ride.

On to the ride review: Titan (Sweet as can be)

When I first sat down, the cars seemed very comfortable, but there was one thing that bothered me a little. The restraints. They didn't seem to cover a lot. Just a small portion of your lap. Oh well, what can I do about it?

The lift on this ride seems like its never going to end. Since I am afraid of heights, this scared me a little bit. I love how the car slowly makes its way over the top. The first drop is a floater all the way down. I love the turn-around. It also throws you out of your seat. Cruising down that hill, you just FLY right over the third airtime hill. I love that!

Then comes the FUN part. Helix! This is the most G's I've felt on a coaster yet. You just get plastered to your seat. Into the mid-course breaks. Out of the mid-course breaks, and into the G defying section of this ride. Everything is perfect. The last Helix is the best. I started to black out on it. I didn't think I would.

Then you finally hit the breaks, and enter reality once again. All I can say is, "Wow".
We skipped Texas Giant, Shockwave, and almost every other coaster at SfoT. We really just wanted to ride Titan. Now that we were STEAMING hot, we saw Mr. Freeze had NO line. We got a quick ride on that (About 3 minute wait). Pretty good, but restraint was pushing down on my crotch (So I didn't enjoy the ride to its fullest extent.
We went to check out Titan's line again and they were saying that it was going to be a 4 hour wait. I wanted to go on it really bad again, so we got in line. We saw how crowded it was, but I didn't believe them. A 4 hour wait, I don't think so. It ended up being a 2 hour wait (In the HOT sun I may add). This time we picked the last row in the first car. Great ride! Just as good as the first time, but I think I prefer the back. Took a few pictures afterward, we ate some churros (I love them), and decided to call it a day. Overall a pretty good day (I know we only rode 2 coasters), and Titan was well worth it!

Don't fight it, ride it, Raging Bull!
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