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Saturday, April 13, 2002 5:53 AM
The wife and I headed up to SFoT after work on Friday after hearing the Mr. Freeze would be opening that day. Getting to the park at the gate we could see that the park had been open only to Physics classes until 2, and we could see most of them leaving as we arrived. We headed straight for Gotham City. Disappointment. When we arrived we noticed that the coaster was closed. A SF employee, Daniel, was at the entrance explaining to everybody that the coaster would not open today. He said that they were still testing and the coaster would open with the park on Saturday. I would have been extremely disappointed if the park wasn't empty. We were able to get walk on rides on just about everything, including B:TR twice (once on front), Shockwave twice, TG, and Titan. We returned Saturday to try to get a ride on Freeze but had only limited time before we had to head back to Waco. The line for Freeze was all the way through the queue with only one train operation even though the park was fairly empty after a rain early in the day. My uncle had went with us and wanted to ride more than one ride so we skipped Freeze (much to my schigrin) and got a front row ride on B:TR (again for the wife and I) and a ride on Titan before leaving. However, we will have to return soon to get our first ride on the lapbar version of Mr. Freeze.

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Sunday, April 14, 2002 7:24 AM
Nice TR! Great that you can get all those rides in on a short visit on a Saturday!

Not MLK's words but mine..I have a Dream! I have a DREAM! I HAVE A DREAM!
I have a dream! That SFMM fans will be able to walk hand in hand with CP's!
AND no ONE cares what a coaster is and what a coaster isn't!

Sunday, April 14, 2002 11:08 PM
Well, I took my frist rides on the lapbared Freeze today (4-14). I rode in the front and middle of the train.

Let me tell you it was AWESOME!! I was finally able to move my arms and head freely, the way I've always dreamed of doing on this ride.

The view from atop the spike was finaly the way the designers meant it to be, FANTASTIC!!

The tophat inversion felt as if I were experiencing it for the first time. The ability to move my arms and head freely greatly inhanced the sheer power of this unique inversion. At times it felt as if I were flying with arms outstreached all the way through. And since I was able to move my head around in perfect comfort, the view of the tophat as I was going through was amazing.

Let's just say that Freeze is well worth returning to SFoT for.


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