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Went to SFOT this past weekend and had a great time. Got there about 7 pm on Friday to virtually walk on every ride.

We decided to go to the Mine Train and Mini-Mine Train first - both walk-on's. Mister Freeze another walk on (front seat). Batman was about a 15 minute wait and that is just because the workers there were soooo slow it was amazing.

Flashback was about a 5 minute wait just because it had closed briefly due to someone throwing-up -yuck.

Judge Roy Scream walk on.

La Vibora was a 20 minute wait - again the workers were slooooow. They were sending trains out with two people in them when they hold six people, easily. They seemed drained.

Finally in the dark, at night, we rode Texas Giant another walk on.

Saved Titan for last - that was about a 15 minute wait, but mostly because we waited for the front.

We went back Saturday morning and were on the third ride of the day at Titan before the 2 hour wait set in. Saturday was just the opposite of Friday - it was packed!!!

But before the crowds hit we were able to walk-on Runaway Mt and Shockwave.

Even walked on Yosemite Sam's River adventure - cute, fun and air-conditioned.


TITAN - 8/10 Too many G's. I was seeing stars and almost passed out from the strong G's. While I like an intesense ride I like to enjoy it too. The intesity of the G's was just a tad too much. The first drop was amazing though.

TEXAS GIANT - 9/10. Great great ride from beginning to end. Fun and long and doesn't break your ribs.

MISTER FREEZE - 8/10 Love the no shoulder restraints! Very intense ride, but unlike Titan I wasn't seeing stars.

RUNAWAY MT - 6/10 Much more intense that I had anticipated - and much longer than I thought it would be. Very good overall - and air-conditioned.

BATMAN - 5/10 I like the Batman rides at other SF parks, but this one smelled - literally. The over the shoulder restraints reeked!! Plus, the ride needs some serious paint; it was chipping all over.

JUDGE ROY SCREAM 7/10 - Great out and back and a beauty to look at.

LA VIBORA - 3/10 not worth the wait.

SFOT is a relatively small park. I have no idea how they will ever get a new ride/coaster in the future. I absolutely loved the mist/fans they had in the Titan line. They need those all over the park.

$9 to park or $12 for preferred - is it me or is SF trying to make money everywhere/place. What is this preferred parking? Give me a break.

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