SFoG...How Rude!!! (6/14)

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Thursday, June 14, 2001 5:06 PM
Today, My family and I went to SFoG for the first time (well my first time anyway). Altogether, the lines were short and the rides were great!

We got to the park around 9:00 (we stayed at the Days Inn which was a pretty crappy hotel, but it was ok because we could walk to SF without paying for parking) They didn't open the gates until 10. As they were about to open the gates a MASS of kids and teens(without supervision at the time)got off of a bus and passed a whole lotta people who have been waiting at least an hour. Everyone got pretty mad and smart mouthy(including my dad) and a guy behind us even went and talked to the gate workers about it. Of course, they did nothing about it, and about half of the group of the rude people ended up getting in the park first. ARG!

After we got into the park (and my dad cooled off a little bit) we went straight to the GA Scorcher. We got on with barely no wait and had a great ride.

Then we went to ride Acrophobia. BOY was that a ride! We only had to wait about 5 min, so that made it even better! I haven't been so terrified in waiting in a line for a ride in a loooong time.

Then we did some other stuff like the Dahlonega Mine Train (no wait), Monster Plantation (no wait) and the Great Gasp (also no wait).
We moved on to ride the Scream Machine and only waited for a few trains. I really enjoyed this ride, but my mom still complains about her back hurting.
After that, we rode Viper, which was my first shuttle loop, which was a great experience.

Then came Mindbender.(about a 10 min. wait) I was a little bit disappointed because I've heard some good things about this coaster. It really freaked me out when it went up the lift hill kind-of slow.
But Batman made up for it! We waited about 30 min. at the most, it was really hot in the lines, but it was well worth it.

We ended the day with the Georgia Cyclone, which I enjoyed, but the rest of my family didn't as much as I did because they were tired and wussed out :-)
Ninja was closed, so we skipped out on that one. Aside from the fact that a whole lot of people jumped our line to enter the park, and while waiting for Batman I also saw some line jumping going on, AND for a few of the not-so chipper ride-ops and concession worker's attitudes,
I had a GREAT time and can't wait to go back. Hopefully Deja Vu will be open then though!
Thursday, June 14, 2001 9:29 PM
Glad you enjoyed your visit at SFoG. It is really one of the better Six Flags park. Acrophobia is somethin else. It scared the sh*t out of me. Its intense and very scarey when you tilt out. Well the people in the front can't do anything about 60-100 people jumoing in line. If they did something no one would get in the park and everyone would be mad. Next time you come to SFoG they should have another coaster(hyper) hopefully. Unless you visit another time during the season. Come again to SFoG!!

Friday, June 15, 2001 11:16 PM
What did'nt you like about the Mindbender? That is one of the best steel coasters in the world.
Saturday, June 16, 2001 3:14 PM
I don't know. For some reason it just didn't 'do it for me'.

Saturday, June 16, 2001 3:49 PM
I'm glad you had fun, I think SFoG is one of the best parks. Again, why didn't you like Mindbender? That is my favorite steel coaster! I also love Viper though.. :) As for Ninja, it is a fun ride, but it is rough as hell! It really hurts. I rode Acrophobia, and It scared the flying $hit outta me! And I've been on Millennium force, so.... but yeah, I had a similar problem with what you did with those rude peeps, and one time, all these people were cutting in line, and they didn't get ejected from the park (even though park policy says any cutters will be kicked out) But go again, and see if things improve. :)

Mindbender...Can you hear the Riddler chuckling?
Saturday, June 16, 2001 5:20 PM
We have the same problem with rude guests at SFAso you weren't the only one experiencing that little problem so I sympathize with you on that.The Acrophobia sounds like a great ride I sure wish that SFA would get one of those babies real soon.All we've got is tower of doom which only operates two of it's three cars!
Monday, December 31, 2001 5:11 AM
I know what you mean by rudeness at SFoG

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