SFOG questions

my company is sending me to Atlanta GA Oct 3-7 (wed-sun). Instead of leaving sunday morning, would it be worth my time to stay an extra day and visit SFOG? Any thoughs and tips would be appreciated.

That six flags is hell on earth video that was on here a few months back is still haunting me!

gary b
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If you've never been there, then I'd say it's worth it.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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It's worth it, Gary. Trust me. ;) Mindbender and Goliath are worth the visit alone.

To be honest it's a GREAT park all around. The staff are VERY nice and it's actually one of the FEW Six Flags parks that has decent food that you don't mind paying out the wazoo for.

You will be glad you visited. :) Say hi to Goliath for me. ;)


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