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I hoping to make a trip down to SFOG either tomorrow or Friday and wanted to see if I could get some helpful advice.

First, anyone know how busy the park will be with the free concert on Thursday night. Anyone been to any of the other concert nights to know if the crowds are out of control, or would it just be similar to Friday.

Second, I've been trying to find the best price on tickets and if you get them on their website they are $40. But then I found that if you buy a season pass for $49.99, that is what the website says, this seems WAY to low but that is what it says when you try buy one online (anyone know anything about this). Anyways, you can bring a friend for $9.99. So being that there are only two people I could get a pass and get in my brother for a total of only $60 instead of $80.

Third, how much is parking. Is it really $15!!! That's what I saw on one site but was just gonna double check.

Finally, is there any word on the coasters, are any down with no chance of riding this week. I know there are a lot of problems with Deja vu but anyone know any recent news.

Thanks a lot and any other advice is appreciated.

Seeing the stadium from Superman Ultimate Flight it is probably going to be packed.

Superman has its problems but everything else should be running except for Deja Vu.

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Parking is $15, and I don't get your second question. Everything should be open, but you never know about Deja Vu. The lockers cost an arm, and a leg. On some rides, they won't let you bring certain items, and they want you to pay $2 an hour, or something. sfog .net is a good place to go to see what I'm talking about.
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A season pass is $74.99. The $49.99 deal gets you (one person) six visits for the rest of the year. No bring-a-friend coupons with that deal.

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I know about the six visits thing but when you go to their website and click through everything to buy a season pass, not the six-pack, it still says $49.99. If someone else could go to the site and see if I'm just losing my mind or something I'd appreciate it.
Yes, it's $49.99 for me. It's probably an out of market season pass. When you are out of market, you get the season pass cheaper. I typed my zip code, and I get that price for a season pass. So, get it than.

I typed 60138 (Austell, GA) zip code, and I get a higher price. That's why. *** Edited 8/1/2007 9:21:25 PM UTC by Spinout***

Hey, thanks, I didn't even think about being out of the area being a factor.
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Wow that deal sucks $75 dollars for a season pass if you get it at SFOG? I can get mine at SFKK for $50 and then get into any SF park free!

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