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9/27/03 Six Flags Over Georgia Trip Report

Before my ride reviews, I would like to make a few park comments. It was beautiful, lots of trees and scenic settings just about everywhere. Nice entrance too, really a lot better than the California park entrances. The layout sucked, but the rides were great and made the park feel very well rounded and complete in my opinion. Everything had a classic charm to it. Now for the rides…

Superman Ultimate Flight- I really like this coaster, but not as much as the Vekoma Dutchman. The trains were comfy, and the first drop was fun… it just lacked *something.* They started using both stations with 2 train operation, and load times were so fast that a train would stop on the lift waiting for the other train to clear the brake run. My impression of the “pretzel” loop is fun, but not as powerful as may make it out to be, and I only rode in the back row. I was plastered to the train, but it didn’t have the power of Stealth, Goliath, or even parts of Georgia Scorcher. Fun, but not intense enough for my taste.

Great American Scream Machine- I rode this second, not expecting strong forces early in the day. Boy was I wrong! While many of the drops didn’t have any air, there was *plenty* of floater and two points of great *ejector* air. I rode it in a few different places later, but nothing was as good as the back seat. I was very surprised by this, and it ended up being my favorite coaster in the park.

Ninja- I had heard many conflicting reports of this coaster being extremely rough or pretty smooth. For me, it wasn’t extremely rough or smooth by any means, but it had some nice head choppers and surprising twists. I couldn’t help but think of it as a sit-down SLC. Needless to say I only rode once.

Déjà vu- Fun, fun, fun… my Q-bot really helped with this. While it wasn’t as intense, or good, as Magic Mountains, it was fun. What I liked about Magic Mountain’s was that on the rear tower it stops for a split second before dropping you. Unfortunately Georgia’s version didn’t do this. It was cool though that when we connected to the second tower, it took us up to the top… then stopped, only to slowly lower us to the pullout platform. We then sat there for a while (maybe 15 minutes) then it took the train up to the top, and we finished the second half of the ride like regular. One thing I didn’t like was that the ops didn’t give us a second ride after getting stuck. I thought that was standard practice?

Mindbender- Very fun, but there wasn’t as much airtime as I expected. Also, how come no one ever talks about the trims? I really don’t like the feeling of slowing down. Unlike most, I preferred a backseat ride to a front seat ride. Good forces, but not amazing.

Batman: The Ride- Typical Batman clone, but it didn’t seem as strong as some of them. It also didn’t seem all that smooth, but then again it was no where near rough. I did think that the station was nicer than most Batmans.

Dahlonega Mine Train- No clue how to pronounce this mine train’s name, but it was a fun ride. I couldn’t believe how rough and bad the transitions were, especially the one in the tunnel. While not quite as good as some mine trains, it was still fun.

Georgia Scorcher- I really like intense stand-up coasters and this one delivered. For some reason, my favorite stand-up is Vortex at PGA and this one shared a lot of the qualities but wasn’t as “raw” which is why I didn’t like it as much as Vortex. I still loved it though, the forces were really strong!

Acrophobia- This was great. While there wasn’t airtime, and the seats tilting didn’t make *that* much of a difference, it did feel fun, and watching the ground come at you as you fall is unique. Now if only capacity was better…

Georgia Cyclone- I had heard great things about this ride, but just by looking at it I could tell it was going to be a rough ride. I only noticed one trim while on it, but it was almost a welcome sight because of how rough it was. There was good airtime on the 4th drop, but not the *good* kind. Overall, it was not great and I think it is just a bit better than Psyclone at Magic Mountain.

Ok, I’m done. Thanks for reading!

-Parker My Coaster Count
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Man , I looked for you all day yesterday , but never saw you. :(

Did you notice the blue water on Mindbender? It's never that color.

Riding Acrophobia yesterday for the first time , it REALLY dissapointed me. I didn't even notice the tilt.

Decent TR. I guess I'll write one too.

SFOG: Land of freaky Drop rides.

Yeah, the tilt was like... I don't know. People always call it "The tilt" and on my first ride, I didn't even notice it. Isn't the water under Mindbender normally green? Yeah, I noticed how *extremely* blue it was. It'd be great to read someone else's perspectives on the rides from yesterday too. :)

-Parker My Coaster Count

Parker, where did you ride Ga Cyclone? If you rode ANYWHERE but the back two rows you have done yourself a huge disfavor. It's my favorite coaster in the world, but even I will tell you I have no desire to ride anywhere else. The other rows are just rough. The back truly does have the GOOD kind of airtime.

-Brian, who enjoys long walks on the beach, wooden coasters, avoiding being called a "jobber" while keeping it real in the 9Quad.

Where the heck have you been kissyfac... uh, I mean, Brian?? Hopefully you haven't been making visits to Jobberville, dood. zz ;)

Nice report, GK. Like you, I found GASM to be quite incredible, my second favorite coaster in the park (that pretzel loop on SUF just does it for me), and extremely underrated to no end. I'm glad you had a good trip to one of my favorite SF parks.

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Yeah, this was a great park. Much, much better than I thought it would be actually. And Brian, I rode in the back row. I'm not sure what happened, but it just kinda hurt, but the crew running it was amazing. Maybe some grease would help it? Maybe a retrack would help it? I'll go back soon and ride again (Jet Blue Oakland to Atlanta was $80 each way.) I had an off day my first time on GhostRider, but my second trip to the park it was running much, much better. Maybe the same will happen for Cyclone?

-Parker My Coaster Count

Well, one thing I can say is she's a bit moody. When I was down there with my girlfriend a few months ago, I was embarrassed at how Cyk ran, but fortunately, she had ridden it many times before.

When it's on though, it's on. She's not my favorite because she's all-world every time, but she's my favorite because when she is, it's heaven.

-Brian, who enjoys long walks on the beach, wooden coasters, avoiding being called a "jobber" while keeping it real in the 9Quad.

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