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Monday, June 11, 2001 2:51 PM
Went to SFoG June 7. I had extremely short waits, and often got walk-ons. The longest wait I had was 10 minutes for B:TR. It was cloudy the whole day, and most of the time there was very light rain, with occasional bursts of hard rain.

RIDES (that I went on)
Batman: The Ride - By far the BEST invert I have ever been on (not that I've been on many). Right after you leave the lift hill, it never stops whipping you around until the end. Nice theming. My only complaint is that it seemed a little bumpy. Also very intense, probably the most intense coaster I've ever been on. No other coaster I've been on comes close to the intensity of this one. Or maybe I was just tired... 9/10

Mindbender - Nice, but not as intense as I was told it would be. Seemed smooth for being so old, and the lack of OTSRs was great. 8/10

Viper - Great! I love going through the loop backwards, and doing it without OTSRs only makes it better! My only complaint is that it's quite loud in the station. 7/10

Ninja - Much better than I expected. It wasn't very rough, and it had nice trains... who made it? 8/10

Great American Scream Machine - Ouch! This one hurts. While I was on it, all I could think about was GETTING OFF! Constant PAIN! NEVER RIDE THIS THING! 0/10!

Georgia Cyclone - Pretty good, especially in the back. It's not very rough unless you put your head on the headrest, then it HURTS. 7/10

Free Fall - Nice. Seemed a bit better than Demon Drop for some reason. 8/10

Dahlowhatever Mine Train - THREE lift hills? Isn't that a few too many? Pretty boring, the best part, which wasn't all that good, was the last drop. 5/10

RIDES (that I didn't go on)
Georgia Scorcher - Skipped it because of the line, which must have been the longest in the park. Maybe it was because they were only running one train. I don't know if it can have two, but if it can, WHY DON'T THEY PUT IT ON? Aargh!

Acrophobia - Unreliable? For the first 3 hours I was at SFoG, it was down and some guy was messing around on it with some tools. Eventually, they started letting people on, so I got in line. When I was about 3 drops away from getting on, they closed it down and played a super-annoying announcement about staying in line constantly. After about five minutes of doing nothing, they lifted it up about 10 feet and then it dropped. When it stopped, it made a very not good sound.

Sky Buckets - Stopped for about 10 minutes. Ops didn't seem to care.

Nice place...
That is all.
Monday, June 11, 2001 3:02 PM

LocoSpitz said:
Ninja - Much better than I expected. It wasn't very rough, and it had nice trains... who made it? 8/10

That's a shock that it wasn't rough. Everytime I rode it last year (all of 2 times) I felt like I needed an ambulance when I got off. I think lap bars would do this coaster wonders if they are possible. By the way, Ninja was made by Vekoma.

What is life without ups and downs!?!?
Monday, June 11, 2001 3:09 PM
BTW-The Georgia Scorcher can have 2 trains.

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Monday, June 11, 2001 3:20 PM
I agree..The Ninja is the roughest ride at the park! I didn't have the GASM problem..probably cause I'm kinda fat...But I love all of their rides...I didn't like Acrophobia though..too much for me... :)

Mindbender...Can you hear the Riddler chuckling?
Monday, June 11, 2001 7:43 PM

Hey Locospitz I was there on Thursday too and had a great day. I rode scorcher first usually the longest line. Everything else was a walk-on. I got about 5 rides on each coaster there except Scorcher(2 times). Acrophobia I got 2 rides before 7:00. I don't know how it broke down cuz it was operating at 9:30 when I left.
Ninja smoothe? Unbelievable. Gasm is never rough you must have sat in the last car. I'm real small and never get beat up on in any coaster. Try Gasm again i'm guaranteed you will like it. Sit in the front its the best. Acrophobia is the best drop ride in the world and i've ridden all the great drops(Power Tower, Drop Zone-PKI, Towere of Terror) Acrophobia definately beats them all by a long-shot. Its too-bad you didn't get on Acro. It would have scared the sh*t ot of you when the seats tilt out.
The bad thing is that the man jokes around with you and he said that there was a problem and they would be there for a while, then he dropped them in 2 secs that scared me to death cuz I thought he was for real about the problem. He does that allot I here. Ialso saw Deja'Vu test it was fine.

Thursday, June 14, 2001 1:36 PM
We visited SFoG on Friday, June 8, and also found Acrophobia operating inconsistently. It was not rotating on the way up the tower all day as best we could tell, and it "lost voltage" after completing a drop. As a result, riders were stuck
in their restraints in the 15 degree forward position for about 10 minutes. We were in our restraints and ready to ascend when we asked a ride op about the problem and were told that it "lost voltage". Not exactly confindence inspiring, but it was an amazing experience. Other than the "technical difficulties" we all loved this ride.

I was amazed to hear you had a reasonably smooth ride on Ninja. My brother and I both had some serious headbanging and elbow/knee bruising on Ninja, even though we rode near the front. My sister was in the seat behind us and said it wasn't too bad. There must be certain seats that give a smoother ride. Last year we rode near the back and it was really rough, so I figured a spot near the front would be OK. Not so for us. Glad I packed the ibuprophen for the inevitable headache.

I am sorry to hear you had a bad ride on GASM. We all had great rides in the back or next to last seat. It was the fastest I can recall and especially fun in the rain. It was rough though and had a slightly out of control feel, but I really like that type of ride.

We had a good ride on Scorcher which was running 2 trains and was almost a walk-on. They did appear to have "technical" or some other sort of difficulties with the ride, though. We saw trains stopped on the lift hill and in the breaks near the station several times throughout the day. Also, the ride closed early -- we noticed in the late afternoon that both trains were stopped in the station with quite a few employees milling around but no line in the que. An hour or so later we saw that the station was empty, and one of the cars was about one quarter of the way up the lift.

We also had some nice back seat rides on Georgia Cyclone. It was a mostly walk-on all day and was especially intense to ride in the rain. That coaster sure packs a big punch for its size.

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