SFOG 6/7/02...first time (long)

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first off, i was told by a Charlotte local that it was quicker to take I77 south from Carowinds to Columbia SC, then take I20 west to Atlanta....it took me over 5 hours!!! and it was almost 300 miles. crazy...got to the Motel 6 at the next exit from SFOG at about 2am....after waking and a quick shower, i was on to the park....first impressions were the Georgia Scorcher and the Georgia Cyclone....i whip out my SFA pass, get it scanned and on we go!!!!

Georgia Cyclone...wooden Cyclone style...this was my first "Coney Island spinoff" and i was impressed!! man the drops on this thing are amazing!! nice airtime too....since this and the Scorcher were the only things open at 9:45, i rode this a couple times...excellent wooden coaster:)

i then decided to pass up Scorcher for later in order to head with the first rush to S:UF....at precisely 10am, which was a total shocker for a SF park, the rope droped and the crowds roared on!! a lot of people went off towards Deja Vu..i stopped to look at it for a seceond through the trees, but instead decided to get S:UF first....

S:UF was not yet open, and the crowds were still really thin since it was a weekday, so my eye caught an awesome sight in the distance....and my legs hauled for it:)

Great American Scream Machine...wooden out and back...very nice!! middle of back seat, and it was remarkably smooth....i love the first drop! good airtime on the hills, and it really is just a beautiful coaster to look at:)

well, i went back to S:UF, and waited at the entrance for 2 hours, but to no avail due to technical difficulties....i finally decided to just give it up and go ride something else, and come back later....

walked around the Lickskillet area for a bit, and stared longingly at Deja Vu...after all the pics i had seen it was so weird being right there next to it....but it didnt open till 2pm, so i got a ride on Wheelie, another Enterprise...very fun, but over way too quickly...now for another coaster:)

Ninja...Vekoma mulitelement...my first ride on a Vekoma sit down coaster...now i agree it is rough on the 'ol noggan, but i still really enjoyed it!! the first two inversions are insane!! you dive so steep towards the lake, and the headchoppers were very nice:) despite others opinions, this one of my favourite rides at SFOG....after getting off i went back over to S:UF and noticed it was open, and the line wasnt all that bad....so here we go, onto Americas first B&M flyer...

Superman: Ultimate Flight....B&M Flyer....after a 45 min wait i was finally in Station #1.....i decided to go ahead and wait for the front...another 35 minutes. finally got to board...it was so strange loading it like an invert, and then being lifted into the flying position in the station....then a nice smooth ride up the lift, and down we go!!!! the first drop is really nice, a tad smoother than its Vekoma counterpart...next was the textbook pretzel loop...wow!! this element is so HUGE!! its really tall, and you get some mad positive g's at the bottom...now i am getting ready to get flamed, but i have to say the rest of the ride was incredibly boring...did nothing for me. i mean the first 10-15 seconds were great, but after the pretzel the ride just slowly meandered through the rest of the course...i was really dissapointed. it was over so quick...IMHO, not worth a 90 minute wait..but to each his own. i did enjoy it, and liked getting it on my record:)

i made my way back to the front of the park to get a snack, Dippin Dots:)...and to check out some more rides...

Georgia Scorcher...B&M Standup...now i was leary, given 24 hours ago i had been given a nasty intro to B&M stand up coasters...not so with Scorcher!! this ride rocks!! took a front seat ride...its so fast, and the transitions were really smooth!! i love the turn around after the loop. and you rocket through the corkscrew...this is a really fun coaster, and thankfully, had a really short wait...way to go B&M!!

walked back to the USA section, and there met up with another first on this trip...

Free Fall..1st Gen Intamin freefall....this was my first of its kind, since both times ive been to SFGAdv theirs has been down...wow what an awesome ride!!! the drop is so fast and intense, and landing on your back was really cool:) you do get slammed a bit there at the end getting pulled off the track but it was still loads of fun!!

i was going to go down to Gotham City, but it was almost 1:50pm....which meant one thing....Deja Vu was about to open!! but upon arriving the line to get in was incredibly long, and i decided to wait a while till they got it running....so i wasted some time by getting another ride on Ninja....but i had to go back.....here we go!!!:)

Deja Vu...Vekoma Super Invertigo....man, i was so stoked!!!! ive been wanting to ride this baby since it was first announced last year....after two short breakdowns, and what seemed like more than a 2 hour wait, i took a seat on the back car on an outside seat...which would be the highest drop on the train. as we began our quick ascent to the top, i watched the ground get farther and farther away.....then whoosh!!! whoa, man, that first drop is incredible!!!! especially from that seat!!! you roar up into the cobra roll, then crawl back out only to roar into the vert loop....dropping backwards straight down was awesome too!!! its a little bumpy, and a few of the transitions are rough, but over all, this coaster was more than i dreamed!!! definitely worth the year long wait to ride it!! way to go Vekoma!!! now if they can just get them running on a consistant basis :)

Dahlonega Mine Train...Arrow mine train....not as exciting as the Goldrusher at Carowinds, but still a great mine coaster....the final drop into the tunnel was really cool :)

Acrophobia...Intamin 3rd Gen freefall....haha, there really are no words to describe this ride....its just plain and simply scary as homemade sin!! even if you are the most daring of thrill seekers, like yours truly, it will still scare you senseless!!! i did find the seating to be a tad uncomfy on the groin, but nothing unbearable...then getting tilted there at the top...wow!! haha..then the drop...which they seem to leave you up there forever..its so incredible!!! flying down that tower, the ground rushing up at you....this thing is worlds beyond the 2nd gen free falls!!!!:)

i suddenly remembered that i hadnt gotten to Gotham City yet, and it was after 6pm, with less than 2 hours to go...so i hauled across what has become the hardest park to get around for me:)haha, and went over to Gotham City....

Batman the Ride....nuff said:).....i really enjoyed this one...it seemed to run a hair faster than the B:TR at SFGadv....maybe it was just me...anyways, the back seat on any B:TR is just plain butter! :) onto the final coaster of the evening....

Mindbender....Swartzkopf terrain/multielement....man, Anton was the best!!! this thing was so awesome...the loops were way powerful, and the drops were even better!!! like that one that dives towards the waterfall...the so called third loop....man it was so awesome:) this coaster was definitely a fav of mine at SFOG.....got 5 rides on it that night:)

with 10 min till closing, i headed back up front for one more ride ride on Scorcher to end the day...great way to do so i might add:) all in all, a great park.....lots of shade, and plenty of places to sit and chill out....i really enjoyed myself....keep up the good work SFOG:)

Tim (Deja Vu....yes, there are still coasters that scare me:))

"hi, my name is Tim, and im a coasterholic"...."Hi Tim!!" hehe:)

That was an awesome TR for an awesome park! I am shocked you got on all the major rides!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

Glad to see you enjoyed yourself. I have to agree with what you said about SUF being boring after the pretzel.. it is to me too. It's a fun ride, but there are better coasters in the park!

Great TR. I cant wait for my trip in Sept!!

Dayuum, Your HOT!

todd, believe me i was suprised too that i got them all under my belt....i was sure that S:UF and DejaVu would take up over half the day. what can ya say?? weekdays rule!! :)

"hi, my name is Tim, and im a coasterholic"...."Hi Tim!!" hehe:)

Interesting trip report. I guess you can consider yourself lucky too that you actually got to ride Deja Vu. If it weren't for these forums, I would never have guessed that Deja Vu has the problems that it has because it seemed to run flawlessly when I was there back in April.

-Hurler Crew 2002-

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