SFoG 5/26/02...Crowded!

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Sunday, May 26, 2002 5:12 PM

Well, I just got back from SFoG, and by was it crowded! I'll go ahead and start.

Firstly, we arrived, which makes sense. We payed for parking, yadda yadda yadda...When we got to the gates we found that they had opened the park early because it was o crowded. Not good, eh? We went in, got our QBot, and headed for Sman: Ultimate Flight. We reserved a QBot time, then got in the regular line. We were sent to the left station, where we boarded in the back row. I had ridden it twice before; once in the very front, and once in the middle. The front was cool, but lemme tell you, the back is amazing. No words can describe it, except maybe wow.

I still am totally addicted to that pretzel loop....Anyways, we got off, took some cool photos whil waiting for our QBot to yell at us. (I'll post pics soon.)

For our QBot ride, we decided to go for the shortest wait, so we went for the third car to the front. Still awesome, but not quite as good.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: after our 1st Sman ride, I reserved Great American Scream Machine. So, at about 11:45 am we got on GASM. It is running great lately, maybe just a little bit slow. Rough at the bottoms of hills, which is nice.

We decided to pass up Ninja, as we valued our sanity, and (surprise) Delayja Vu was closed. We trotted off to Acrophobia. We reserved it, Ga. Cyclone, Scorcher and Batman, in that precise sequence. Our Acro ride was in an hour and a half, so we waited, and waited, and waited some more. I counted 13 mullets in a half hour! Doncha love people watching?

We finally got on Acro, and it was awesome. I had ridden it at least twenty times before that, but it seemed better to me for some reason.Mebbe its 'cause I put my arms, out, who knows...Heck, who even cares?

When we got ogg Acro, we saw that our time for Cyclone was nealry two hours away, and we were leaving early, so I was forced to pass up may favorite woodie. We waited an hour and a half for Georgia Scorcher, and in the meantime saw the magic show and rode Freefall. The magic show was actually pretty cool. He was kinda funny. And it was air conditioned.

Scorcher was great, as it always is in the back. Great airtime on the hills. ALWAYS ride this in the back. Just trust me. Our Batman time was in an hour, so we got i line for Mindbender, and rode it in the back. Fun, fun, fun! I love it. Finally, it was time to get on Bman, but that was just not to be. We got into the station, and a few minutes later, right before we got on the train, the Ops went nuts. Some one swore, and people were screaming. One of the ops yelled that there was an emergency, and we all had to leave the station. About forty (no exagerration!) workers ran up there (I mean, they HAULED BUTT!) and there was more swearing and screaming. We had to leave the park then, and we were unsure of what had occured, but I found out the tragic story when I got home. Read about it in the topic in General Buzz.

Sunday, May 26, 2002 7:53 PM
Great TR! This is horrible what happend, I guess why you don't retrieve loose objects when coasters run.

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

Sunday, May 26, 2002 7:59 PM
That really must've been horrible being in that station and only later finding out what happened. I feel sorry for that mechanic.

Wash away us all. Take us with the floods.

Monday, May 27, 2002 9:51 AM
He wasn't a mechanic, he was someone in the park services department. The people who sweep the ground and empty the trash bins. SFOG mechanics have a lot more sense than that to go in the track area when a train is cycling.
Monday, May 27, 2002 10:31 AM

I sure hope that SF doesn't get sued for this, it was his own fault. No one but the employee should be blamed. I don't know how old this guy was, but if you can read than you should know what restricted area means. I feel bad for the family and anyone who had to see it, but it was his fault and I hope that SF does not get held accountable for this.

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