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Sunday, April 28, 2002 2:22 PM

Ok, I don't normally write TRs so please bare with me.

Nature of the trip: My husband Steve came home from work one night earlier this month and tells me it looks like he'll have to make a trip to Georgia for work. Darn the luck!! I immediately tell him that I'm going with him and he responds with "I know. We are going to Six Flags over Georgia." He knows me so well. We had to make a trip up to SFWoA and couple weeks ago to get our season passes processed before our trip. And Friday night we were on our Delta flight to Atlanta.

Where we stayed: The plant that Steve was going to be working at is in Conyers, GA. We stayed at the LaQuinta, very nice and reasonably price at $69 a night. It was about a half hour drive to the park on I-20 West. Straight shot, very easy.

Weather: Cloudy high 60s/low70s (actually quite prefect)

Attendance at park: VERY CROWDED.

Do's: If the parks is busy, get a QBOT. Well worth the extra money.

Don'ts: Don't be fooled by the first parking lot to the right. It is NOT a Six Flags lot and charges more (although it is really close to the entrance gates). Don't buy food at Pizza Hut at the front of the park. We waited longer to order food than for some rides.

I have been reading all the TRs and been visiting unofficial SFoG websites and learned that the gates open around 9:30 and Georgia Cyclone and Georgia Scorcher are usually open before the official 10 am opening. So we arrived at the park around 9:20 and got in line to enter the park. 9:30 the gates opened and so did Cyclone, so that's where we headed. We get in line (which was pretty much non existant) and who do we find standing right in front of us but our very own Legendary and friends (I hope I get these names right, Chris, Corey, Ryan, and a really funny guy whose name is on the tip of my tongue but I just can't spit out, Sorry!) We would end up spending most of day with Joe and the gang but did have to split up for awhile till we got our QBOTs in sync. They bought one first thing in the morning and we didn't cause the crowd didn't look too bad. We soon found out however, that we needed a QBOT. Thanks for letting us hang out with you guys. You were a blast and it was really nice being with people who know the park so well, it makes the day a lot easier.

Now it's been 20 years since I've been to the park and Steve has never been there so we wanted to experience as much as possible, but our main goal was to ride all the coasters and Acrophobia, that goal was reached. I'm just going to go through each ride separately.

Georgia Cyclone (2 laps). Now normally when getting on a new-to-me woodie, I'm cautious about where I sit. However, Joe insisted that we sit in the back row (which I was a little hesitant about), but we took his advice and had one the most wild rides of our life. I sit down and pull the lap bar down 2 clicks. Now for those of you who know me, that left me a good amount of room (a good 6 - 7 inches). Without blinking an eye, the ride-op pulled UP on my bar and we were off. I thought Phoenix gave a lot of airtime, this thing gave just as much which really surprised me. And not just a little float here and there. We are talking standing, throwing you to another seat airtime. Absolutely amazing!! Thanks Joe! I'll never doubt your advice again. I could've rode this thing all day.

Ninja (1 lap). What started out as a token lap for the record, turned out not to be that bad. Put it this way, I've ridden worse, but it's nothing to write home about.

Great American Scream Machine (1 lap). Not as good as I remember it 20 years ago, but still good. It might be a little better if it wasn't so slow going over the lift hill (I swear we almost stopped for a second). Some nice floating air on the return trip. The only thing I ask of SF for the coaster is a new coat of paint, the old girl really needs it.

Mindbender (3 laps, 2 at night). You just have to love a Schwarzkopf with lap bars. The G's on this ride are just insane. We are talking rip your face off G's Again, ejection/standing airtime in the back. I'm an airtime freak so this park is really up my alley and I didn't get stapled once. This ride is insane at night with very little lighting.

Batman The Ride (2 laps, 1 at night). It's been since 1992 since we rode the original Batman at SFGAm so I really didn't remember much about the ride. Nice, intense, smooth and compact, this ride packs a punch in the back.

Georgia Scorcher (1 lap). The second of 3 B&M's, this is an outstanding stand up coaster. It's shorter and has less inversion than Mantis at CP, but I actually liked it better. It was smoother and it's compact layout twists around so much, you don't miss the inversions and you don't get the head banging.

Dahlonega Mine Train (2 laps). Nice starter coaster for the little ones. The dip at the end into the tunnel was cool.

DejaVu (1 lap). Yes we actually got to ride DejaVu! It actually seemed to have a pretty good day. It broke down a couple times while Joe and his gang were trying to ride it, but after almost 2 hours, our QBOT buzzed us and said it was time for our ride. We still had to wait about 20 minutes in the QBOT line but at least it didn't break down. This thing in the back seat is really cool. When you are watching the ride it looks like it's crawling through the boomerang, but when you are on it, it doesn't seem like that. The $30 for the QBOT is worth it for this ride alone. The wait for it was easily 2 hours or even more if it was down.

Superman Ultimate Flight (3 laps, 1 at night). We got really lucky with our first two laps. We walked up to an empty platform for our first ride which we took in the front seat (which had about a 3 train wait). I don't think there are words to discribe the experience and do it justice. Vekoma who? They were running all three trains. Vekoma who? The restraints are comfortable and easy is use. Vekoma who? The ride is smooth and incredibly intense. Vekoma who? Again no stapling to be found here. One click down (and the ride op set it there) and I had more room then I could've dreamed for. The pretzel loop in the front is amazing, you just float into the back of your seat. The rest of the ride is pure fun. When we got off our first ride and realize there was still no line, we immediately jumped back in line for a back seat flight. The back seat is definately more intense. The G's through the pretzel loop are rip your face back G's. Not quite as intense as Mindbender but close. All in all I liked the back better. Our night ride was in the back row also.

Acrophobia (3 laps). Now Steve and I don't normally care for drop rides but this one was different for some reason. I don't know if it was the company we were with or just because we were having so much fun, but the fact that we rode it 3 times, says a lot for this ride. I rode it all 3 time in the "Jesus" pose that Sean mentioned in his TR. Apparently this looks really funny as Joe and the gang were laughing as we rode it.

We had a really good time, mostly due to Joe and the gang. You guys were great hosts, we had a blast. We'll see you at SRM. This has to be one of the better Six Flags parks out there. Other than your normal graffiti that you see, but not as bad as some other parks, the park was clean. Security was out and about all day. The ride ops were ok. The ride selection was good. The quality of the coasters is very good.

Thanks for reading and here's to hoping for a B&M flyer at a park near you soon.

*** This post was edited by loriu on 4/28/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by loriu on 4/28/2002. ***

Sunday, April 28, 2002 3:30 PM

Hey lori this is chris....lol (rip your face off G's; i think i remember saying that one.....lol...) i wasnt sure if you guys would make it back to superman in time but I know you must have cut it close. It was a really great day and you have no idea how hilarious it looked while you guys did the "jesus" pose. I know you couldnt hear us but we said that you would be back in about 10 seconds (LOL) Those night rides on Mindbender were very enjoyable. Im glad you got to ride everything including deja vu and hope to see you guys some other time.

PS--the really funny guy (besides me of course) was kyle. lol


Sunday, April 28, 2002 3:59 PM

Kyle!! That's right!! I knew it started with a K just couldn't get the rest.

I thought you were saying 4:30 ;)

Sunday, April 28, 2002 4:42 PM

loriu said:

I thought you were saying 4:30

I guess its because you didnt hear us.


Sunday, April 28, 2002 6:11 PM
GREAT TR! Although, I'll have to disagree with you that Mindbender is more intense than S:UF. Those G-Forces on Superman's back row can not be matched.

My two favorite coasters are named Superman.

Monday, April 29, 2002 7:34 PM
Hey Lori, Im Kyle, Makes me feel special that u can remember my name.....lol, j/k!

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