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Tuesday, April 17, 2001 6:13 PM
Ok, I start my trip off in Florida where I live. We leave at 4:30 a.m. on Sat. morning for a 10 hour trip. We get there around 1:30, (we were staying at the Sleep Inn) so, we just got out and walked to the park. It was Unseasonably crowded the first day (SATURDAY). I got on 4 rides in 6 hours at the park. The first day I rode the Ninja (back seat) it was better than usual (you have to lean in to it). We than went to go to the shops so my friend could by a necklace. We than went on The Mindbender as usual it was a long wait but it was great! We than went to eat (it had been hours over this period). We eat at Deejay's Diner for their 9.25 combo meal which was good. We eat got done and headed to get my old pa (heh) on his first rollercoaster in like 20 years... the Georgia Cyclone. Got on it in the BACK SEAT! It was filled with tons of air time and fun... as usual it scratched me up on my arm. My dad got off the ride sweating and huffing and puffing (and he's a muscle man). We then went and rode on the Georiga Scorcher, the longest wait of the day. It was around 2 hours long (it broke down for 30 mins). Keep in mind my dad went on only one rollercoaster, so he was waiting this whole time. Got on and it of course was great for a 1 min. or so ride.~~~~~~~~~~~~The Second Day~~~~~~~~~~~ This day it rained all day (I had got up at 6 a.m.) it was still raining at 11:30 with occasional breaks. This day just my friend and I went as my dad had, had enough and my mom was sick. My dad just wasted that 45.00. It was empty, maybe 20 cars in the parking lot. We went in a break of rain maybe 2 hours long. Got there waited for them to open up the rollercoasters and rode the GASM. We got middle (the best seat in train) always a great ride here. My favorite ride in the park. You literally stand up with the air time. We rode it 3 times than went to get batman out of the way. No lines at all just long jog in the que. We got in at the 2 row, as we got on it started to rain heavy. We through the ride with the DOWNPOUR, man that lift hill was nasty just all drenched. Through the ride it got in my eyes, and the rain made the ride better believe or not. I mean the coasters were very slick and running smooth. After we got off, we were the last ride for 2 hours. A.K.A. they closed down the rides for a sudden downpour. So, we went in to the gift shop just looking at stuff for about 10 mins. Then, we just got and sat down outside mindbender in the freezing rain for 2 hours. They finally opened batman and everyone just ran to it, not us we got in line for mindbender(the last ride to open for the day after the rain). We were first inline, we deserved it since we waited in the cold and rain for it. We ended up leaving after it got stuck, once we got out of line it started to run!!! UGH!!! Oh well, we got inline for the GASM, front row. So, today we got front row, middle and back on GASM. AS usual with the back you always get whipped around too much and not as good air as with the middle. We ended the day and the trip with the front row GASM. What a good view as I always remembered. We left, oh and viper was open the first day and closed the second. Deja Vu looks good. The Arachnophibia looks stupid color wise. I love giant drop at SFGAm. That was my trip, later this year we are going to SFGAm. So,I will bring another trip report out then.
Tuesday, April 17, 2001 8:05 PM
Buzzo, any comments on your weekend there?

What is life without ups and downs!?!?
Wednesday, April 18, 2001 12:49 PM
If anyone was there that weekend please tell me what you did during your day there (SUNDAY).

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