SFoG 3/31 Flood part 2 (w/ rides)

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Sunday, March 31, 2002 2:41 PM

I got off work at 3:00, so I thought I would get my season pass processed (the computers were down opening day). I don't know anyone that likes going to parks in this weather like this (steady rain all day) , so I went by myself. The parking lot was very empty, and it looked like a bit of people had already left. At this point there was no rain, but the skies weren't too promising.

After processing, I headed to S:UF to see its status. I noticed Acrophobia was closed (lift mechanism was stuck halfway up). When I reached Cotton States, both Ninja and GASM were running only one train, both with very short lines. The S:UF area is much better looking. The pavement is down for Metropolis, queues look nearly complete, and the station is getting there as well. I didn't see any evidence of testing so I hopped on GASM.

Despite one-train operation, it was a 5-minute wait. The ride op was having a good time entertaining us, but I was watching for S:UF trains to dispatch. As I began up the lifthill, I noticed that Superman was testing. I watched it go up the lift, down the hill, then I was sucked over GASM's drop and missed the Pretzel loop. I then saw it go into the brake run, and it did not test again. GASM was fun, but not nearly as intense airtime as Cyclone. I then got two straight rides on Ninja in light rain, nothing spectacular, nothing awful.

Deja Vu was running, but I was sorta in a hurry so I had to pass. I also saw a guy with a SFMM X sweatshirt, but I couldn't stop to say hi. In Gotham City, Mindbender was closed, but B:TR was still running two trains. Due to the rain and the holiday, I GOT A WHOLE TRAIN TO MYSELF! Pretty fun . (I was front row right edge.)

I had time for a 2-minute wait on Scorcher in the heavy rain. I also enjoyed this ride. Then, it began POURING, and Ga Cyclone was still going. I got in the queue house just as the last train was dispatched before shut down. That train had a blast. So then I had to make the walk through the puddled pathways in puring rain to the lot and end my short visit. PLEASE bring back the trams!

"Hello to Yogi, Hello to Booboo, Hello to Scooby Doo. Barney and Fred say hi..." --King's Dominion's Singing Mushrooms

Sunday, March 31, 2002 6:43 PM

I too was there today. Got there about 1:30 with the sole purpose of finally getting my pass processed as it looked like the skies would open up any minute. Got my pass in under 10 minutes and thought I'd head back towards S:UF to see if they might have snuck in a soft opening. (No luck...guess I'll have to wait till next Saturday.) On my way a big lightning storm passed through with heavy rain. I ducked into the train station accross from Acrophobia and they told us to move to the mine train que. (I didn't understand that as the mine train que has a metal roof...or at least it looks like one.) So, I moved. Luckily the storm didn't last long and I headed back to S:UF.

On the way I noticed that DejaVu was running. It was never open when I visited last year, so I stopped and watched it run. I saw that it almost vallied on the return trip, but just made it through. Not sure I want to ride that one....lol!

Finally made it over to Superman, and saw a train heading up the lift hill. Only testing, but what a beautiful site watching it running. I saw it test 2 more times, the last time without the water dummies that it carried the previous 2 times. I can't wait to ride this next weekend.

I then finally got a ride on GASM. The previous times I had visited, the ride was either not open yet, was broken down, line was too long, or couldn't get anyone else to go on it with me. The ride op said that because of the rain it was running a few seconds faster than normal as I only had to wait for 1 train. What a great ride. My only complaint is the seat dividers on this ride. I am a big man (not huge, just big) and it was a bit uncomfortable sitting in the train, but the ride was great. My favorite woodie now.

After that I decided to go see a couple of the shows. First I saw "Way Down Yonder" at the Crystal Pistol. Let me say that I generally don't like Country music, but this was a good show. I would recommend it highly.

Next I went to see "America - The State of Rhythm!" at the Drive-In Theatre. While I realize this was only their 4th day of performances, I was dissapointed in the show. The performers were talented, sang well, and performed flawlessly, but the show itself was lacking. It lacked the cohesiveness that last year's show had. Segment to segment didn't seem to flow. Also some of the arrangements on the songs left a bit to be desired. I could see John Lennon and George Harrison turning over in their grave during the "It's Been a Hard Day's Night" segment. I might see this again near the end of the season, but I probably wouldn't recommend it.

After this I decided to head home as it was starting to rain heavily again. I must say this was a definate improvement in my experience after last weekend.


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