SFOG 10/19 - Joe C. vs. Snookie

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When I found out that SFOG was offering season passes for $40 for next year, I figured I should make the trek over there earlier than I had planned since the special would be ending on 11/2.

I met up w/ Joe (Legendary) & Keith (BadNitrus), and we headed through the traffic on I-20 and finaly made it to the park. We went straight for Guest Relations and got our 2004 passes, which were just 2003 vouchers with a 'good for 2004' sticker on it.

We headed into the park and found it was fairly crowded for a Sunday. After riding the Deer Park Plunge (no line and a first for me), we headed to Gotham City. Mindbender was down (boo hoo), and the line for Batman was really long.

Keith hadn't been on this Deja Vu before, so we decided to wait it out as the line looked to be 1-1.5 hours and there was nothing else to do. Here's where the fun started. By the first set of switchbacks, there was a chain missing from the queue, allowing people to move freely about the line. Unfortunately, two nice young women decided to use this option instead of the regular line to get right in front of us.

Joe was NOT having these girls cut in front of us, especially since they were wearing matching Dickie's jumpsuits reminiscent of the TLC video 'Aint Too Proud To Beg'. Did I mention that their names were airbrushed on their backs? Yes, Snookie & O-si (as their jumpsuits declared), were line jumping, and got caught by Joe's wrath.

After putting them in their place, they got back in line in front of other people they had cut already, who were also getting rather loud as well. We continued on through the line as Snookie called her "mom" on a cell phone who was somewhere towards the front of the line.

When we finally got towards the end of the switchbacks, the girls decided to go over the chain, up the ramp, and join their mom. Of course, as soon as this happened everyone in line, led by Joe, proceeded to boo and hiss the women. Then some older guy LOST IT and started screaming to the ride ops.

Joe proceeded to ask the women why they thought they were better than he, as it was obvious that they felt they did not have to wait as long as us. Joe told their mom exactly what was going to happen - security would be called, the 2 girls would NOT ride, and they might be escorted out of the park. This didn't matter I guess, as they stayed in line anyways.

We finally got to the station and the ride ops informed us that security was on the way. Lucky for us, we got the front row because Snookie and friends were not allowed on. By the way, Deja Vu is REALLY fun in the front! I thought it was good in the back, but the backwards drop in the front is great. Too bad for the headbanging though...

So as we exited Deja Vu and headed to Superman, we noticed Snookie's mom was stalking us! Joe took the time to give her the individual attention she was seeking out, and asked her how the ride on Deja Vu was. After saying "bye" to mom and getting called a dirty word, we ditched her and moved on.

Since the lines were crazy in the back of the park (even for Ninja), we headed up to the front and got a ride on the Cyclone. I rode in the back of the red train by myself, and got scared. On drop #4, I landed on top of the seat divider. I was trying to staple myself to no avail. Apparently this lap bar likes to stay in the 2-click position at all times, no matter how hard you push down! Needless to say, my seatbelt was cutting my circulation off by the end of the ride.

All in all, it was an interesting day. Nice to see that line jumpers got justice. It was also nice to hear the ride op say that "they always call security" if they have a report of line jumping. That was HILARIOUS!

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That's awesome... (gotta love the title)... I've been to Fright Fest three times this year (and FF sucked every time)...

I have noticed that the place was crawling with punk teenagers, and that is not the type of atmosphere I want to see. (I am a teenager also, but I am not as obnoxious (sp?) as most of the teens that I saw there last Friday night)...

Line jumpers really make me mad (especially when it's in a huge line like Dejavu's)... Glad yall brought them to justice =)
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So I take it Joe got no nookie from Snookie? ;)

Good work Joe, SF needs more *guests* that do that job....:)
Tact is for people not intelligent enough to comprehend sarcasm...;)

Yes, let this be a fair call to all. If you see line jumping, don't be afraid to tell the ops. Our policy at SFoG is that you are kicked out, no matter what. By the way, do you remember who was operating at the time?

I used to love kicking people out of the park. Some people just don't get it in their heads that they aren't as "high and mighty" as they think they are. I'm glad to see some people not putting up with this crap. Anywy, why no train rides in the TR ;). Do you not like our green deisel engine...

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Joe is my hero! Can I go to parks with you guys please!
Hey all...

Sorry for the late reply! I was in Florida for a few days experiencing all the parks and having a GREAT time at Halloween Horror Nights (thanks CsTrFrK and RobCoasting!)

Anyhoot, very nice (and accurate) TR, Matt. You summed the day up nicely. Well, the three hours up nicely, at least. :)

Personally, I'm starting to lighten up in regards to people "getting back in line" after getting food (when you can see they have food in their hands) and the like (even though I still think the group should wait until everyone is ready to join the line), but I will *never* stop saying something to people who are just blatantly cutting to not wait as long.

That is what Snookie and Co. thought they could do without problem. I applaud SFoG ride ops for calling security and then even for security for escorting them out of line. It's unnacceptable to think you are better than everyone else in line and just waltz right up without regard. Such a shame some people are just raised to not care, really.

Oh well, in the end they got what they deserved, and I had some entertainment in line. :)

Joe "no, bill, I got no nookie from snookie!" C.

You suck big time.

Wow. Way to go SFOG for upholding the line-jumping policy!
Typical Joe.....i love it LOL

You shoulda seen this group of 12 teenagers we kicked out of Raging Bull's station a week ago, I dont know what drugs one of them was on but normal people dont flail their arms around and stuff when they have been pulled off to the side :)


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Good for Joe and SFoG.

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