SFOG Trip On A Sunny Warm Day 3-12-05

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My girlfriend and I left left for SFOG around 9:20am. We arrived at the park at 10:00am.

The 1st order of the day was getting my girlfriend's pass done.We are going to start our 1st ride on a wooden coaster. A ride on Georgia Cyclone. The lines were not bad at all. So we rode it in the 1st row. And oh boy the Georgia Cyclone is way much better than the Wild One at SFA. We rode Georgia Cyclone in the morning 2 times in a row. I am so glad that my girlfrien & I rode Georgia Cyclone because it got stuck afterwards.

So after 2 laps on the Georgia Cyclone we headed for the Acrophobia. Which is a drop kind of a ride like the Drop Zone & The Tower Of Doom. When we got to Acrophobia it was broken down. So were going to come back later.

So we rode batman The Ride in the 4th row. Because the lines for the 1st row were very long. And SFOGn was open from 10:00am- 6:00pm. Batman The ride is better than Mind Eraser at SFA. A very awesome coster.

We even had lunch at Pizzeria.The pizza is good there. My girlfriend & I both had a cheese & pepperoni and a medium drink.

After a bite to eat we went back to Acrophobia and it was running. And the Acrophbia is much better than the Tower Of Doom. This ride does spin around compare to the Dropm Zone at PKD.

We even rode The Great American Scream Machine 1st row and itb was much better than Roar at SFA. We were going to ride Deja Vu but when we got there the ride was broken. So I asked if Deja Vu would be open later on in the day. and the ride attendant said no.

So we headed for a coaster ride on Ninja. Which is a stand up coaster and way better than the Shock Wave at PKD. Then we took a flight on Superman Ultimate Flight. Which was way better than Bat Wing. Because instead being on your backs going up the lift hill you are on your stomach. On Ninja as we were coming back into the station the ride attendant forgot to push the stop butoon and hold it so we kept on moving so they let us ride it again.

We also rode the Mine Train. Which isn't to bad for a junior coaster. We rode it in the 1st row. We even rode The Georgia Scorcher in the 1st row.

We ended our SFOG day with 2 wooden rides. 1. A ride on The Great Scream Machine. 2. Another 1st row ride on Georgia Cyclone.

It sure was a great sunny mild day for SFOG in the 60's.

Superman Ultimate Flight 1 flight rate 10+

Nibja 2 laps in a row rate 9

The Great American Scream Machine 2 laps rate 10+

Georgia Cyclone 3 laps rate 10+

The Georgia Scorcher 1 lap rate 9

Batman The Ride 1 lap rate 10+

Rail Junkie
Will that Deja Vu ever run?
Well you got your start a little early this year but of course SFA opens in a little over 3 weeks so we'll meet up then.

Too bad you missed out on Deja Vu.I was really hoping you could get a ride to compare it to Two face but of course you never can tell with that ride as far as reliabiity goes....kinda like a certain coaster we know of at our home park?

Their Deja Vu is in a warm/hot climate..good luck on seeing it operate.
I thought DV had problems operating in the cooler climates such as SFGRAM's? it certainly is not one of Anton's fine creations after all.
No, it actually seems as if cold weather is better for DV as was shown during its consistent operation during Last Blast when it was barely over 30 or 40 degrees.

^^post above^^
BatwingFan... Deja-Vu is MUCH better than TwoFace, but Two Face is MUCH more reliable than Deja-Vu.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

Xander said:
Their Deja Vu is in a warm/hot climate..good luck on seeing it operate.

Dejavu should be opening "soon". It could operate, but they are choosing not to for some reason. It was closed opening weekend due to staffing, but I'm not too sure why it is closed now.

Maybe we will see it operate this weekend. Who knows.

Stop looking at the ride!
Since when could you stand up on Ninja?
That would be one horrible ride
Where the heck did you get the idea it was closed for staffing? Thats just dead wrong...

"On the moon nerds get their pants pulled down and spanked with moonrocks."

He just got the ride names mixed up....after all it was his first trip to SFOG.

If only DV had the reliability Two face has then it would be a superior ride & we'd see more built but let's not forget that even Two face has had problems...anyone remember that little incident back in july 03? at least it didn't park itself in the cobra roll though.

Anton Who? I wasn't aware that Vekoma consulted with Schwarzkopf?
^I was refering to Mind Bender,which was also down when he went.

Now I'm still waiting for him to send me those pics from his trip...he keeps trying via Aol's "you've got pictures" service & yet the darn thing won't load so it looks llike I've gotta wait even longer while he puts them up on snapfish instead.

Looks like I lost all my SFA pics from 01 that were on there as well but fourtunately I've got standard film copies of those already.

So Acrophobia is rotating this year? I went October '04, and unfortunately it was not rotating.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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