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Sunday, June 17, 2001 5:43 AM
June 3, 2001 Six Flags Over Georgia
*** ½ out of five stars
My parents and I got to the park at 9:30. A guy flagged us to park, but after we parked we realized that it was not part of Six Flags. Parking was $10 (across from entrance) $8 for regular and $12 for preferred. Entrance to the park took about a minute as we already have season passes from Arlington. The park opened about 20 minutes before 10:00. This is the most beautiful Six Flags; great landscaping everywhere.

The Georgia Scorcher® - **** This is a short, intense B&M standup. Very smooth, but nothing special. Worth multiple rides. Wait was 15 minutes. One coaster ridden before park was even supposed to open.

The Deer Park Plunge ** ½ Traditional log flume. You don’t get very wet. Wait was less than 10 minutes

Mind Bender® **** Awesome double-looping coaster. Very intense and smooth. Nice location near a waterfall. Walk-on

Batman The Ride™ *** Good, short B&M inverted. No trim brakes were on; the train flew around the course. Smooth as always. Walk-on

Thunder River® *** Normal rapids ride. Less than 10 minute wait.

Deja Vu - Not opened yet

The Great American Scream Machine® *** Nice airtime, but a little rough. The screech was unbearable. A fun but tame woodie. Walk-on

Viper® - We were next in line when it broke. Nothing looked wrong, but it was down for most of the day.

Ninja® *** for the front row of each car * for second row of each car. Not a bad ride when in the front rows as my head was over the horsecollar. Second rows cause extreme head banging. Wait was 5 minutes

Plantation House *** Chicken tenders and a drink for lunch. Not worth the price but not bad food. We wanted to eat at Miners Smokehouse, but they weren’t open at 12:00!

Georgia Cyclone® ** ½ Good ride but way too rough. It needs retracking and a paint job bad. 15 minute wait

Acrophobia - Didn’t ride as the wait was 2 hours. It was down most of day because of bad weather

Dahlonega Mine Train *** in rain. This was a long, fun mine train. It was raining really hard. Walk-on

Monster Plantation® *** A family boat ride through a monster infested house. Relaxing but animatronics are outdated. 20 minute wait because it’s inside (most other things closed)

Great Gasp® * We rode this right before the storm hit. This parachute ride takes you up, then slowly drops you down. The kid running it could barely reach the lap bar. The wind was very strong at the top. They closed it right after we got off. 10 minute wait.

This was the start of an 11 park trip. I will post more later.

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