SFO items worth anything?

Tuesday, May 1, 2001 8:04 AM
I don't know if Six Flags made merchandise that said "Six Flags Ohio," but if so, is it worth anything, considering the park only "existed" for a year? How about ticket stubs, maps, etc.?

btw, have any other parks ever changed their names so quickly?
Tuesday, May 1, 2001 8:49 AM
They are only worth something if someone is willing to buy it. I'm pretty sure that they will still be selling SFO brand stuff this year as they were still selling GL brand stuff last year. I dont think that there is a big 'collecters market' for SFO pari, so I would have to say no.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2001 8:58 AM
I got a Six Flags Ohio hat last year, so they did make some items. Kind of a collector's piece in a sense.
Tuesday, May 1, 2001 9:16 PM
I don't think that it will have much market value outside of the immediate area. Geauga Lake merchandise will be the same. Most people in country have not heard either name.
Tuesday, May 1, 2001 10:10 PM
It will probably have sentimental value, but not much more. They probably have a HUGE surplus of SFO merchandise, considering no one in the park probably ever dreamed of another name change so soon!

- Peabody
Wednesday, May 2, 2001 10:57 AM
Actually, and it could have been because I visited the park so late in the season, I was hard pressed to find any merchandise that said "Six Flags Ohio." (Maybe I had a small attack of ESP, because I knew I had to have something that said SFO on it.) I finally ended up finding a keychain with the Six Flags Ohio logo on it, as well as a Superman: Ultimate Escape shirt that said Six Flags Ohio on the back.

Matt Lynch
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