SFNO Reopening 2008?

I was reading that SFNO will probably not reopen until 2008 if it reopens at all and that the mayor of New Orleans will not let Six Flags out of the lease. Six flags only has to use the insurance money they receive, even though they do not want to reopen SFNO. Do you guys think SFNO is going to be even smaller than it was? SFNO has been one of the smallest SF parks around.. *** Edited 9/18/2006 12:25:12 AM UTC by Winningfreak*** *** Edited 9/18/2006 12:25:23 AM UTC by Winningfreak***

I beleive that SFNO is pretty much history & simply won't reopen under SF management or any other management/ownership.

Not only was the park itself severely damaged by katrina but keep in mind that with most of NO just trying to rebuild there simply isn't a population base for the park to draw from any longer.

so now the dippin dots guy hands out literature??
My husband, who's from NO, agreed with me when I said that if the city wants the park rebuilt so bad, then why don't THEY rebuild it? How can the city handle the various problems encountered with building an amusement park. Housing the builders, infrastructure, stuff NO can't do right now, and probably for a long time to come. Nagin should admit the truth and let SF go. Maybe the land can then be used for more necessary things. *** Edited 9/18/2006 11:57:44 PM UTC by ilovethewildone***
hasnt this topic been beaten to death?
^^I couldn't agree more.
Exactly. Just read any of the past threads where it was discussed in detail...

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Just making a point, the Saints *did* sell out their entire season tickets. My thought is that the area is SLOWLY rebuilding, but that those who have *disposable incomes* might be over-represented in the currenty make-up of the Nawlins area population.

SFNO, 2008? Probably too much AND too soon, and the wrong company. Something, sometime, returning to offer an amusement alternative in the area? Sure. Possibly within another couple years. MIGHT even go in the same spot...

Would whoever opens/operates the park even be able to get insurance? Or afford it?
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^ Guessing that the feds and/or state would have to underwrite the insuarnce...and maybe even help pay for it. The park's location might even have to be moved JUST to ensure...insurability.

This part is for Gonch: If there's money to be made in amusements, SOMEONE will step in and fill the niche.

Wow I could have sworn I responded to this thread but maybe I'm just going crazy. But from what I've heard, Six Flags has started collecting insurance proceeds (since June). The city shot down their "deal" to pull out from the park at this time. But since the contract with the city states that they only have to rebuild to the extent of their insurance proceeds, they could once again request to drop the park if they do not believe they have collected a proper sum of money to effectively rebuild the park. If the city shoots that proposal down, I gues it's possible a significantly smaller SFNO could result (assuming they don't get enough insurance money). They should get a good deal of money though as I believe they had $33 million in flood alone.

As rollergator mentioned, the question isn't really who the park can draw but the workforce. Many of the parishes and counties around New Orleans are at Pre-Katrina population levels or significantly higher (St Tammany's Population is ridiculously higher as many people from New Orleans temporarily or permanently moved there). There's some serious issues with the workforce in the area, and I really don't think the park could find the staffing until after a year or two. *** Edited 9/19/2006 3:44:17 AM UTC by Cameraman***

I don't see it reopening.

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It'll all depend on how far the Saints make it into the post season ;)

ilovethewildone said:
My husband, who's from NO, agreed with me when I said that if the city wants the park rebuilt so bad, then why don't THEY rebuild it?

While I somewhat agree that if the city wants the park so bad and if Six Flags wants to leave so bad, the city should rebuild it, Six Flags is the insurance policy holder. If they leave, they're going to be walking away with all the money that was intended to go toward rebuilding the park.

The city of new orleans wont let six flags leave because there is a laon that the city is paying off that was coming from six flags and the park. So unless six flags pays off what they owe the city the city wont let them leave.

That is why the city wont let them leave.

Six Flags made an offer to pay off their portion of the loan though. The city shot down that deal. The only way I see the city letting them out of the deal is if they pay off the entire loan.
Well, I think the city is going to be very dissapointed by the time they take all the coasters/stuff they cant use now out atleast 10 million is gone... leave myabe 20 mill left to rebuild? (i'm going on the flood money 33 mill) Myabe 1 good coaster and a few kiddy coasters and a log ride?

I dont see it working out if Six Flags does not put more money into the park..

p.s. Anyone know anyone near the park that can get us some pictures? I heard that Zydeco Scream, Jester, batman where still in desent shape to be repaired. *** Edited 9/21/2006 1:54:26 AM UTC by Winningfreak***

What's ironic about this is that, if the park was still standing, based on what I've read in the past about attendance, it would probably be on the "Looking to Close" list, and not that many people would probably care.
I live in N.O. Trust me, we're not going to be dissappointed about waiting to rebuild SF, etc. With countless houses still in need of demolition and rebuilding, levees that need work, businesses that need rebuilding, Six Flags is a very low priority.

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I trust you there, Peabody. I can't imagine anybody in N.O. is worried about when Six Flags will reopen. My heart aches every time I realize that so much of your great city is still ravaged a year later.

I spoke to a guy at IAAPA last November who owns a company that builds steel buildings for parks, from gazebos to large pavilions. I can't remember the name of the company, but their products are well known and his display included shots from Kennywood, many city parks, and Six Flags including SFNO. He said he was asked to inspect after Katrina and his structure was ok, (they still needed to xray), but anything in the park that was wood structure, scenery, landscaping, mechanical, or infrastructure, was obliterated by the storm. Not to put words in this unidentified man's mouth, but he seemed to infer that everyone involved agreed that it would be a daunting task to try to put the park back in service anytime in the near or distant future.

Not to mention lack of staff and cheerful customers.

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