SFNO opening dAY!

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I got to SFNO at 10:45 and was welcomed by Batman. I went into the park and waited to meet my cousin. I walked around the park and was really impressed by all the positive changes they had made especially with shade. So I met my cousin and of course we went to Batman. The wait was only like 15 min. and they have assigned seating and we got the front. I hadn't ridden one since Oct. of last year at SFOG and it just reminded me so much of why it is my fav. inverted next to Deja Vu. I really enjoyed how the first drop appeared to drop over the water. Then we decided we'd go over to Megazeph and I really enjoyed all the shade structures on the way there. The wait was only about 10 min and we got the 3rd to back seat as they have assigned seating. I used to think this ride was a little rough but nothing too bad. No it is ungodly rough I usually could raise my hands, but every transition I had to grab on and brace myself to avoid getting bruised. Megazeph has really dropped on my wooden list although I don't really enjoy woodens anyway. Give me a good B&M anyday. But that's a DIFFERENT STORY. So we went back to Batman and did it eight more times in the 3rd row the 5th row the 6th row and the back row. I love the back on this ride it just gives you an extra push when going over the zero g and the corkscrews. Then my dad came and we rode it once more in the back which was wonderful. The Jester hadn't opened by the time I left. All in all it was a great day with not long of lines although that may have to do with the two hour line for season pass processing. I've gotta go though cause I'm going back right now.
Two hours just for pass proccessing? when SFA opened in 99 it took more than 2 hours just to get into the parking lot off of Central Avenue.

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