SFNO Drone Footage

Someone piloted a drone/camera through SFNO. I think this is recent, but there is no date on the post. Enjoy.

Side Note: I recall really liking MegaZeph.

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It's still strange that they left as much ride hardware as they did, and that the B&M made such hasty departure. That was about the time that the old Six Flags went bankrupt though, right? Weird times.

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Yeah, I am kind of surprised they didn't go in and take the flat rides, ferris wheel, and even the boomerang when they went in to get Batman. Or even took the steel from Mega Zeph and the green looper from Astroworld and try to get some $$.

The green looper came from Fiesta Texas, no Astroworld.

During that time period, Six Flags was in the midst of financial and leadership chaos. I seem to remember there being some uncertainty about whether or not Six Flags had the right to remove assets from the property. When the city took possession of the property, it's unlikely that they had the money to justify demolition expenses to salvage steel for a pennies on the dollar return.

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According to this filing in 2011, Six Flags took in 8 million in "property insurance recoveries" related to SFNO.


I'd guess they stood to net more to just let those old rides stand than to deal with the hassle of selling or moving some of that equipment, which was undoubtedly damaged in the flood. I'm sure some of them were mostly depreciated at that point, anyway.

Remember that glut of “Katrina cars” that started showing up in used car lots everywhere? There were unscrupulous vendors rehabbing flooded cars and putting them on the market. No, but thanks.

The park had a unique (to the US) flat, a Mondial Shake. In addition to the lost coasters, I bemoaned the fact that it was left to rust. But- I’d surely think twice about climbing aboard had it moved to another SF park somewhere.

My non-enthusiast husband went to the park one day while on a business trip to NOLA. He just loves to hold over my head that he has credits on his (non-existent) list that I will never, ever get. Grrrr...

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