SFNE trip report 9/4

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Went to SFNE today (Saturday September 4th) to close out the water park Hurricane Harbor with my wife. We had a great time…very hot and sunny day for MA in September. Labor Day is the last day for Hurricane Harbor but it appears they decided to start shutting it down early. Once you pay the 12 bucks for a locker, and pass all the raft rental kiosks for 8 bucks a raft, you find out that the Lazy River and the Swiss Family Toboggan are closed down for the season. No signs when entering, etc. This annoyed us a bit, but than again, it is SF we are talking about. Maximize the profits at the expense of the little guy. Enough complaining, we had a great time on the water slides and the wave pool.

Before hitting the water park we first rode S:ROS. They had both the red and blue trains running. Very slow loading with the new restraints. The modified restraints really aren’t that bad- a bit more confining, but it takes NOTHING away from the ride. I will say the shin guards are a bit painful though. The blue train is not running well, a bit shaky and not the standard smooth as glass ride I know and love (and expect!). Feels like a rebuild is needed for the blue! Scream ran two of the three towers, both on combo. Cyclone’s wheels must have finally been greased, they didn’t squeak as loud as usual. Time Warp was running, and got a new paint job. Mind Eraser broke on the lift hill stranding an entire trainload at the top of the hill! They had to get the cherry picker out and remove the riders one at a time. Batman and Flashback seemed to be the GP crowd favorites as usual.

A great day at the park. I’m sure we’ll make it back for Fright Fest later this fall. The park was clean and the workers for the most part friendly. I hope S:ROS rebuilds the blue train over the winter as I’m sure it will be one train only (red) after Labor Day.


How long was Mind Eraser stuck? How long did it take for all the riders to get out. If you happen to know?

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It was a good hour or more. They cherry picked the riders from the back of the train first and worked forward. The rest of the day we saw crew up there tinkering.

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