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Yea i know its a little late but I've been busy with finals and such. Me and my friends decided to go to SFNE because we were bored. It was a really nice day out so we were a little bit hesitant to go on a Saturday however we had nothing better to do.

So we got there at like 3:30 and see a parking lot that is literally filled with buses, not a very good sight. We paid our parking since I'm still to poor to afford the 50 dollar season parking pass.We used two bring a friend for free coupons and we were in! My lord this place was packed to the brim! I could not believe that there were this many people there, it was more than any summer day Ive ever seen.

We went strait to Superman and found that the line was through 3 switchbacks and almost back to the lockers. It was a scary sight but we got in line, me thinking its going to be 1 1/2 or 2 hrs. But if any ride is worth waiting that long its my main boy Superman. They were running two trains. Let me tell you, this was the best I've ever seen superman run, they were not stacking a single train. As soon as the train hit the brakes the other one was going up the hill. It was quite a sight to see, since I never expected it to happen. Well needless to say Superman was just eating up people, I got from the stairs near the lockers to on the back row of the train in 40 minutes. It was a very pleasant surprise and it really gives me hope for this year.

Than we went over to Cyclone which was about at 45 minute wait, but they weren't messing around there with dispatching the train. With single train operation though its hard to have good capacity. I rode the back with the hands up all the way! It was awesome!!! I'm really starting to enjoy Cyclone, its become my 2nd favorite in that park by far.

After the awesome Cyclone ride we went on shipwreck falls just to have some fun. Good ride but I would never wait in line to ride it.

Then it was time for Batman, Waited about 20 minutes. Got next to last row and as always it was a good ride but nothing to spectacular.

Next up was Thunderbolt which was a 2 train wait. For some reason I really enjoy this ride, its not tall or fast but its just fun. Just needs some paint and it will be set.

By this time it was around 7 so we decided to round out the day with as many Superman rides as we could get. Got in the line that was at the 2nd switch backs. I believe that there was a rap concert or something to that affect so there were still a lot of people at the park. They only had 2 people checking restraints at this time because there wasn't as many people there. The line probably took about 25 minutes for the back. While waiting in the back there was a group of annoying 12 year old kids who thought they were all cool. They caught the attention of the attendant at the entrance and told them they better stop screaming. So the one girl was like yelling more so I said something. Needless to say they stopped after I said something. Than we got back in line for the front. We probably waited around 1 hour and 15 minutes because there was a long line for the front. At 9 we got on the front row and by this time it was pitch black out and cold. It made for a very good ride. I forgot how this beast runs at night, there really is nothing better than front in the dark. Anyone who goes must ride at night theres nothing like it.Well that ended our day and we left got some Nicky's and headed home.

Summary: The park was absolutely packed today, one of the busiest I've ever seen it. But they had their stuff together and were ready for the crowds. I really believe that this is the year that Six Flags turns around. In both my trips this year it has been above average operations. I'm not sure if every park has been but SFNE defiantly has been. The only closed rides I saw were Thomahawk and Buzzsaw.

Ride Count:
Shipwreck Falls:1
Overall: 7 not bad for 5.5 hrs in an extremely packed park.

Thanks for reading.

Nitro is the greatest.

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