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Sunday, July 14, 2002 4:57 PM

Realizing that my girlfriends house in NY is only about 2 hrs away from the park we decided to take a trip up there for the day. I expected huge crowds and waits, but more on that later.

Left her house around 11 40 and arrived at the park around 2. First thing I noticed was how small the park was and how its right in the middle of a town. Second thing I noticed first parking lot full. We had to park across the street. We paid our 10 dollars and parked in the very last row. Ouch gonna be a long day.

Arrive at the gates and of course our SFGrAdv passes get us right in. We really have gotten our moneys worth, considering this is our fourth trip to a SF park and our third park. Right away we check out the line for Scream, I say forget it. There was only ride I really wanted to check out. S:ROS. First thing my girlfriend says is that it. i say yea. She said it looked small and I had to agree. Then I realized that it is down in like a valley and we were up higher. Right away I noticed that both trains were running, which was a nice surprise. We waited about 45 minutes for the somewheres in the middle. This ride is great. Is it my number 1, no. Everytime I ride something new it becomes my new number one, so I stopped rating them and just try to enjoy them. It was an excellent ride though. Great air, beautiful layout and I also enjoyed the station.

After S:ROS we decided to eat lunch. We at the place across from S:ROS. Decent food, typical SF prices. After eating we caught some of the Batman stunt show. Man these were so cool when I was a youngin, but now they are just lame.

Next up B:TDK. We waited about 35 minutes for the front. I really enjoyed this ride. Very short and not the usual B&M smoothness but very fun. I like the steep lift hill and drop, but miss the roar.

We walked around the park a little bit, noticing some interesting flats I have never seen. eventually we found ourselves at Cyclone. I was hoping my girlfriend wouldnt notice the huge amount of shaking, but she did. This is her first year riding coasters, and well anything really so she still is a little timid. Cyclone was a huge surprise. The drops were so intense and steep. A little rough in the second to last row, but I enjoyed it alot. Real sleeper.

After Cyclone we walked around some more. We were going to wait for Scream but it said a 2 hr wait. I said I would rather ride S:ROS again if we were gonna wait 2 hrs for something. Waited about 25 minutes for the third row. Another great ride. This time it was on the red train I noticed a burnt rubber smell at the end. New wheels??

After S:ROS we wanted to check out Jokers WildCard. It was closed and I still have no clue what it was. Help?? We found our way over by B:TDK again and waited an hour for the front. Another great ride, but I really miss the roar and the length of Medusa east.

Finally we decided to wait for Scream. We saw tons of line cutting. When some lady spoke up the ride op said she didnt care. Still though I am not that ignorant and we waited prob about a half hour. I love the fact you get both an up shot and a free fall. I have never seen this on any of the S&S towers I have been on. Nice touch. Another nice touch was a lady taken pictures of us on the ride before we launched. We later purchased these and my girlfriend has a really nervous look on her face. I think she was more scared of this then anything else.

It was getting late and I said how about one last ride on S:ROS in the front and we will call it a day. We waited about 30 minutes to get to the front row line and another 30 once we were there. I love front seat rides and this was the best of the day. beautiful sunset at the top and the red lights and mist in the tunnels were great.

We got some ice cream picked up our pictures and left. Overall it was a fun day. 7 rides but well worth the trip. Park was fairly clean, not alot of bathrooms though, but I would recommend this park to my friends and family. As I noticed that SFA needs a B&M looper to round out their collection, I think SFNE would benfit from an Impulse maybe or some other launched ride and maybe a mid-sized CCI and they ll be a wonderful park. S:ROS is worth the trip though.

Stayed tuned for PKD and BGW coming this weekend.

Monday, July 15, 2002 1:09 PM
ApolloAndy's avatar Joker's wildcard is just an indoor Trabant.

A rollercoaster? What's that?


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