SFNE opening day (short)

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I arrived at the park at 9:15am I had to park in the lot across the street. I went in at 945 and waited till 10:00 while they had the bugs bunny and freinds show. Went straight to SROS and walked right up to the station I got on the second train out, back seat. They were loading the trains fast with 2 checking the front half and 2 checking back half of the train.It was nice they got rid of the seat belt on the lap bar. With only the blue train running I managed to get in 3 ride in 25mins. The park was not crowded at all every ride was a walk on except SROS and Pandemonium which was about an hour wait. I rode every coaster except Pandemonium which I rode at Media day. I also rode Scream and Tomahawk which are my favorite flats there and left at 1:30 pm. I did notice that every ride in the park was operating and even the water rides which Blizzard river usually opened at noon will now open at 10am. The park was very clean and everyone was friendly. Maybe Six Flags is changing for the better, at least I hope so.
nice trip report.

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