SFNE May 16...Great even with out S:RoS

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This Trip Report is diffrent format then my previous one because I like to make them all unique so bare with me....M/M

I left my house @ around 9:30 and arrived at the park a little after 1130 and parked on the park side lot and went in. My friend had to go get his season pass so me and my best friend waited..."patiently" near the building.

After he got it we went to go check out some lines and ThunderBolt and Scream were both atleast 20 mins, and we opted to ride later which would end up being a great move. We went to a ride that they didnt even know existed! Kontiki...

Kontiki 7/10 we rode it twice (second time later on) and it was running very well and always a walk on. Very fun but very few people even know about it.

One of my goals this year is to go on every ride in the park that I havn't been on. And finally today I got my first ride on Poland Springs Plunge, I love the nice little winding river type theme and the ride was great, getting wet @ noon wasnt the greatest but hey who cares...8/10

After that we went to Mind Eraser, and since it broke down last time right when i was about to go on a HAD to ride it today no matter what and I waited for the exact same seat (front) and this time got it! Kind of rough but good ride...waited around 45 mins for it though. Later on at 7:45 we rode it and it ended up being our final ride of the day, and it had NO WAIT and it was great. We sat in the last row which wasnt so great, very rough and it battered my head quite a bit. front 8/10 back 5/10...And it needs paint, I also noticed Teal train parts under the station still...

My friends had no interest in riding Chaos because they dislike spinning rides...So we passed the closed double trouble and I saw a mechanic working on the side thats always closed. Maybe there going to open just one side, being the one thats normally closed while the others open...Anyway...

B:DK - 9/10 Only rode one today unfortuanatly...10 min line, we were just having a great time in the north end and the main street midway. We rode in the back row of Batman and they were stacking like crazy, fun ride and the trim was on.

After this we were getting hungry and while we walked to Big Ben's BBQ we "hit" some rides (not litteraly) and we rode one of my favorites BUZZSAW, only rode once today unfortunatly...7/10..and then I went on Twister as they watched me in amazment, kind of TIGHT in the crotch area and towards the end the ride was squealing like a pig with its tail stepped on. 7/10 Right before I boarded Twister The Rooster sneaked up on my friend and tapped him on the shoulder and he was just about to swear @ who ever it was but he realized it was a character before he shouted a couple of profanities.

So as we walked and passed the Main Street area with all the characters
we continued towards Big Bens but we decided to go for a trip on Ship Wreck Falls. The ride DOES now have seatbelts and slightly delay loading but not to badly, I personally see why they did it because the ride has nothing to hold you in other wise. this time was a 5 minute wait, second time we rode was a 15 minute wait and final time was a walk on. 8/10...Bigger splash than normal i think, but on the bridge only your feet seems to get wet unlike canobie where from head to foot you get soaked.

FOOD: We ate twice technically..First time @ Long Horn BBQ or Big Bens BBQ Whichever you call it. I loved my combo platter and had a $2 off coupon from my season pass booklet and paid total of $15. Still the best fries i've ever had but could of been a little more warm but they were fine. Second time we ate was for frozen treats. I got the Gelati which was great and very BIG and filling, got it next door to subway near flashback and my friends got the slush.

After the BBQ lunch we, well me mostly enjoyed the rest of Crack Axle Canyon, I rode Tomohawk alone because my friends didnt want to, I'm so glad its open and it was running VERY fast. 9/10..Then we went to Houdini and I really noticed the plasma TV. Looks nice, fun ride...8/10 Then we went on the Buffulo Riders or what ever they call it (Bumper Cars) and I love the theming on that ride. Short cycles though and waited about 10 mins for it.

Next was Flashback but it had just broke down and remained broken down for a couple of hours but thanks to this new and improved Six Flags employees the ride was back and running around 6 with NO LINE and we rode twice...Front row and back row...Running quite rough, 7/10...

We went on Cyclone twice today. First shortly after lunch and waited about 1/2 hour for it, Front row and quite smooth and both times I went on it NO TRIMS WERE ON and it was running extremly fast, that last turn is CRAZY with no trims, I kinda see why they usually have it on now...The ride gets a 8/10

We rode Blizzard River twice...Waited for 30 mins around 4ish and it was a great ride and water falls were on, and then we rode again at around 6:40 and my best friend got absolutly soaked on it...He says it was because an overweight kid was next to him so all the weight was on that side, he got completly drenched...The first time i went on it which was in April the water falls were off and the water in the tunnel wasnt on, i was quite suprised when in the tunnel i got quite wet from the falling water. The ride gets a 9/10

Like I said earlier this season i want to get on every ride... and the only rides I have not been on (not including waterpark or pay for attractions) are Scrambler, Carousel, and Time Warp...

Rides that were on that list prior to this trip that i rode today is the...
WAVE SWINGER!! I finally rode it today with a walk on wait and it was a very enjoyable ride. 8/10...Very good classic ride. Also The log flume i rode for the first time today, very fun as well.

Today I never even went near Superman because I had no interest in riding Nightwing or Poison Ivy, and Joker is one ride I will never ride again so I didn't go to DC and didnt get to see if the train was there or not.

We never got to ride SCREAM today which I didn't really mind all that much. It was around 630 and the crowds had died down and we wanted to ride Thunderbolt. Earlier on we went to it and it had broke down. They did a hell of a job fixing it because it ran flawlessly after that till closing. We went on it and it had NO WAIT, i had never seen this before, it was amazing, we rode 5 times in a row. The best seat on this ride BY FAR is the front row, you get great airtime and its very smooth...The back you also get airtime but its rough. On one of the last turns in the back seat I was pulled out of my seat and my back landed right on the back of the train and still kind of hurts...But the front is amazingly good.

Thats the jist of my trip, and I wanted to prove to myself this park is good without Superman as well and alot of other people thought that as the park was quite crowded today. Thanks for reading...M/M

#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! M/M's top 10 coasters: 1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Boulder Dash 3. Montu 4. Yankee Cannonball 5. Kumba 6. Gwazi 7. Mind Eraser 8. Thunderbolt (SFNE) 9. Cyclone (SFNE) 10. B:DK

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