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Saturday, April 21, 2001 5:24 PM
Well after a long cold New England winter I was very excited to go back to Six Flags. I got to the park at 3:30 with a friend and it was very warm for April in New England- around 70 degrees. Immediately we noticed that the front parking lot was packed. and we entered there was an hour long line to get your season pass processed. However I'm pleased to say even though there were a lot of people at the park (like always) for the most part all the rides were run very efficiently. Ok first ride we did when we entered the park was the Tomahawk. Man! if I do this ride more than once I get so sick but it's such a great flat ride. The wait was about 15 minutes. Next, we headed over to the Cyclone to check out how it feel with retracking but on the way we noticed that Shipwreck Falls was getting work done on it and the Flashback was down. Anyway there were too trains running very efficiently on the Cyclone and the line was very small. However when we got on the ride we were immediately told to get off because an emergency light came on. then they had us wait while they cycled empty trains. However the ride broke down again after cycling a few trains and we got fed up and left. the retracking on this ride is very obvious because you can see the original drop under the new one and the new drop is very short but the second one is much higher. Looks overall much smoother and I hear it's running very fast too. anyway next we headed to see Tiny Timber Town. Immediately we noticed they took out the Sea dragon and a kiddie swing ride was in it's place. tiny timber town was very small and nothing more than a few select kiddie rides thrown into Paul Bunyan's Buzzsaw company. Ok next we rode the Mind Eraser which really really really hurts this year. The inversions are no fun on this ride cause the train is shuffling too much! even the barrel roll hurts this year and the line was half an hour too! Simply not worth it. Next we finally did a real ride- Superman! Superman was running two trains very efficiently today and we were very happy. there are two noticable differences to Superman this year. One is that the ride has quiter antirollbacks now so it doesn't go up the lifthill in such a loud manner. Also the trains have newer seats with slightly different restraints. Superman continued to give awesome rides and this ride is just as good as last year. Anyway also Scream was running two towers and one was running a combo ride. So I had a very nice day at SFNE except for the Cyclone and Flashback difficulties.
Saturday, April 21, 2001 10:18 PM
Good TR. I wish I could get back this year to ride my favorite coaster. :( Glad you had fun. I'll wait until next year or two to go back when something new comes along.

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