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Monday, September 4, 2000 8:28 AM
Overall- The park is a great mid-sized park and with a little expanding, I think it could compeat with some of the other big parks out there.

Rides closed-
Night Wing- Realy wanted to go on this one!

Mind Eraser- Closed until about 8:30 PM, I dont think I was missen much hear except for draining some lines a little!

Tea Cups- Should be replaced anyway!

Rides went on (-1 to 5)
Time Warp- This was a great ride for its time, but still enjoyable! When they hang you upsidown it gives you a real rush!

Riverside Cyclone- Ouch, this one did a number on me! My head will never feal the same.

River Rapids- This ride is fun and I managed to avoid the water falls, but at the end everyone gets wet! Wheres my umbrela?

Twister- Basic Huss top spin that kills your legs!

Shoot the chutes- Small, yet cools you off. At the end of the season the water smells a little...used. Hmmmmmm.

Jokers Wild Card- Waited for 20 minutes, someone threw up so we didnt go on. Probably because I didnt want to play, geuss which seat had the throwup?
^un rated^

Superman Ride of Steel-
This ties with millennium force all the way. What a fun ride! Millennium Force still has a better first drop but Superman is an airtime machine! They both have great veiws of water. (Lake/river)

Log Flume-
Your normal log flume that doesnt soak you as much as the other two water rides at the park.

Beautiful veiw of the river and park!

Thunder bolt-
I liked this one better then Riverside Cyclone! During most of the ride, I was off my seat! An excelent ride in the dark.

Poyson Ivy-
Fun little kiddie ride!
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Monday, September 4, 2000 8:37 AM
We definitely need to do something with badges of some type. I was there 9/3, is that the day you were there? (don't see the date mentioned) We were there from 10am to 6pm or so.
Monday, September 4, 2000 5:20 PM
Yes I was there on september 3rd. The crowds werent that bad!

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