SFNE and Lake Compounce-Short

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My first rip to SFNE was on 05/16. I had planned this trip long before the Superman accident. We got to the park at 10:00. I bet there was less than 100 people in line. We rode all the coasters, minus superman, by 12:30. Left the park and drove 45 minutes to Lake Compounce-another first time park for me. I found LC to be a beautiful park w/ a great coaster-Boulder Dash. I had read great reviews on BD, but I think that it was the best terrain coaster that I have ever ridden. It truly capitalizes on the natural layout of the mountain. With a one train operation, I was able to get in 7 rides on BD through out the day. I can only compare this park to Holiday World. Both are beautiful, friendly parks with great woodies. We spent the rest of the day in this jewel of a park. I hope to go back to SFNE sometime in the near future, Superman looked like it would be a great coaster that I do not want to miss out on.
I'm glad you enjoyed Lake Compounce. I believe it is one of the most quaint and lovely parks in the country with a great mix of thrills, family rides, shows, good food, and a relaxing atmosphere. I'm always happy when someone else discovers it and appreciates it.

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