SFNE 9-22-12

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A fellow coaster friend and I drove up from Scranton, PA to spend most of the day at the park. We had both been to the park a few times before and basically we went to ride some things we had missed out on including the newly recycled Goliath.

Coasters- Goliath was actually pretty good. The view going up the vertical lift hill is pretty amazing. We both agreed that Vekoma should build more of these rather than the old school boomerang. Speaking of which.

/My friend needed the flashback credit and I rode with her. It was awful enough said./Bizzaro-we waited for the front seat. About 25 min wait. Someone got sick when leaving the station.....oh well. Awesome ride. I just wish I did not have so much in my pockets which made the ride a little painful and lessen the airtime.

We both picked up the kiddie coaster credit loney tunes. Hung heads in shame but I wished you got sent around twice instead of once./// Catwoman's whip we sat in the back row for. Gave you quite a yank down the first hill. It was suprisingly good. We finished with Pandemonium which was the longest wait of the day. We got placed in the car with two other random people. Could not get it spinning real well but it was alright. It was my friend's 200th coaster so we celebrated.// All other coasters had fairly long lines for the day.

FLATS-First time on the skyride. Great views of Goliath and flashback. Def unique. The fly swatter aka Catapult was our first time riding it. OMG the restraints were painful. So so so so tight I could probably sing soprano for those few mins. But it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We rode on the left side. Odd cool views of the penguin rapids and cyclone.

FOOD-We both ate at the big food court across from the skyride entrance. I got a chicken ceasar wrap with chips. The chips tasted awful but the wrap was good. I like how they make the wraps and salads to order. We both ate on the way to the park so that was our only food stop. My friend had pizza and fries. Pizza beat out the fries. Fries were nothing fantastic.

OPERATIONS-Pretty good. A little slow on Goliath, but very kind and quick all around.

A-HA moment-Walking by Bizzaro's first tunnel entrance we came across these stone benches that have the green lanter, flash, superman, batman logos carved into them. Never noticed this before so it was a nice surprise.

BUMMERS-The biggest one was the BEE'S in the Pandemonium Queue. We had to use our park maps to swat them out of the way. There are some bushes in the queue so maybe that has something to do with it. Parking lot was full of bee's as well. We also were hoping for another lap on Bizzaro but the line was very long. Also the audio on Biz was not working. And I really miss the flame effect.

We did not stay for fright fest because we had a long drive home and wanted to avoid the crowds.

Sky's the limit.

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