SFNE 8/30/03! (first Time)

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We got to SFNE finally about 12PM after dealing with massive traffic on 95 and 84 through Conn.. We thought the park wasnt too busy, but this was before we realized there was parking on both side of 159. Plus it seemd like we walked for an eternity from the car to the gate.

The Park:
Ok for a Six Flags, very clean. The paths seemed to have many bottlenecks areas and dead ends, and it dint seem like the park was big enough to handle the sized crowds it gets. I had a hard time finding the Riverside Cyclone as well.

The Flats:
Great collection. One of the best of any Six Flags chain. From the Huss Fly away, to the huss frisbee, and vekoma time warp. We rode Nightwing, Tomahawk, Houdini's escape, Time Warp, and Buzzsaw. Like I said the park was extremely crowded, so even flats had long lines, we waited 40 minutes for nightwing alone.

The Food:
Typical burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders etc. Nothing to ride home about.

The Coasters:
Thunderbolt: What a great surprise. had a good amount of airtime, I love the double dip. not that rough, just a good time coaster. The structure definately needs some TLC. 7/10

Riverside Cyclone: This ride looks awesome. but after riding it was kind of a letdown. It lacks speed around the turns, and provides some air. Its okay... also needs TLC big time. 6/10

Batman, The Dark Knight: I am not a huge fan of floorless coasters, they just dont seem to do anything for me. This was no exception, although I enjoyed the hang time in the vertical loop, and I loved the diving loop. I thought this was kind of rough for a B@M. it's short too. 6.5/10

Poison Ivy's Tangled Train: This was a great fun, good time coaster. I love the overgrown ivy and trees throughout the queues and the coaster itself. I was impressed (call me Crazy).

Superman, Ride of Steel: Wow, blown away. I knew this was going to be an awesome ride, but this just really surpasssed that. There is exploding amounts of air anywhere in the train, I prefer the back seat. I love everything about this coaster from the riverside setting, to the dive in the mist filled tunnel to the camel humps. GREAT RIDE! 9.75/10

Other rides: The only other ride we really rode was Blizzard River. A good rapids ride that soaks you. Not really a good idea when its about 65 outside. Didn't ride scream or any other water rides, the lines were too long. We did ride colossus at night, you get kind of a weird feeling when your stuck at the top of a vekoma made ferris wheel.

The Downfalls:
The ride crews on every ride were sooooo sllloooow. The park as I mentioned too was very crowded, why only one train op on Mind Eraser, Cyclone, and Thunderbolt. The Mind Eraser line got up to 120 minutes, I decided to pass waiting that for a vekoma SLC. Plus while we were waiting in line for Superman the two girls decided they would line jump. Well naturally people were getting annoyed. Then arguing started, then before you know it the girls that were trying to line jump, started choking these other girls, pulling hair punching, etc. Everyone screamed for security, of course no one showed. It was a good five minutes before anyone came down to break up the fight, and it wasnt even security, it was a female ride op from Superman. and all she did was kick them out of the line for the ride. The next day while I was at Dorney Park I noticed security cameras all over Talon's line, and throughout the the park, I think that might be a good idea, for if no where else at SFNE in the Superman ride queue.

Overall it a good park, great collection of flats, but it seems like this park is out to make money, they dont care if guest have a good time or not. The coaster collection is also not worthy of a superior ride like superman. overall experience 7.5/10
Carowinds, a better place to fly!

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when i visited this past month, towards the end of the night the ride ops for sm announced that if anyone saw anyone line jump to point them out and they would take care of them. they had secrurity there to take care of them. but by then i had allready seen lots of line jumping.

i agree with you about the park, its nice, but way too small for the crowds they get. their ride capacity really needs to improve.

lots of boston crowds and attitudes. i saw some kids (16-18?) bouncing their basketball off of the station of superman. it was clanging real loud and the pour qbot op kept asking them to stop it, of course they would continue as he looked away.... idiots....

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Yeah I went to the park on 9/1 and noticed the ride ops were alot slower than usual (grumpier too,one guy at Superman actually called someone a d**k over the intercom). Plus they only had one train all day on Superman. I live about 15 minutes from the park and I would go alot more if they could accomodate larger crowds. Sorry you didn't have a better time but at least you got to ride Superman.
Nice TR.

Just curious, but what, in your opinion, took away 0.25 points from S:RoS?

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Glad you had fun, I agree with you on your ratings, except I didn't get to ride Cyclone. I did ride the Hang-'N'-Bang and it was running two trains. It wouldn't have made much difference if it were running one because we sat on the brakes for five minutes or so until people on the train started yelling at the ride op who was arguing with the Fast Pass people. I had to wait about fifteen minutes for Nightwing, as it's a slow load. That ride pulls some G's!
Yeah, sounds like SFNE. =(. I agree with most of your ratings, including Thunderbolt - that ride always surprises me. Although I would have rated Cyclone a little higher, but maybe that's because I rode it with the old Morgan trains, no trims, and before the re-track. It gets my respect because it's the only ride I've ever left with bloody bruises. But yeah, it's tamed down a bit (thankfully) and is still one hell of a ride.

And hey, what about "Boston" attitudes. The park's nowhere near Boston! OK, so it is, but being a Bostonian (and a friendly one at that) I try to convince outsiders that not everyone here is an a-hole. But to back up your statements, it is fairly typical for fights to break out there. I've seen plenty of fights in the S:ROS line, fights over food, fights over the bumper cars, etc. etc. They used to have security guards placed throughout the S:ROS queue, but my guess is that their crappy wages drove most locals away from jobs there. It's unfortunate that such a new and well-themed park will probably end up falling apart sooner than later. I hope they get their act together soon!

Glad you enjoyed Superman. I agree that it's a great ride (best I've been on even), but your right the rest of the park pales in comparison. It's still a fun day though, and I'm glad you took the chance and went.


S:ROS; SFNE. Ride it, and you'll understand.
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Agree, every time I have been there, the crowds are just unbearable. And about Boston attitudes, on my last visit I wore a Yankee jersey to the park, had to beat those Red Sox fans off with a stick. While all the talk with me involved was good-natured, I had to come to the rescue of a fellow Yankee fan which some kids took the liberty of throwing a cup of soda at!

That park is in desperate need of a coaster with huge capacity. 2 train operation on Superman just doesn't get it done, not to mention the fact that a few rows of seats are roped off due to speed problems...also worthy of notice, the log flume has to be the slowest moving line I've ever waited in.

Nice park, but as already mentioned, capacity is a big problem...I also hate the parking situation, that had to be the longest walk ever to get into a park.

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