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Saturday, July 14, 2001 9:01 AM

Well I went to Six Flags New England with my uncle, aunt and cousins yesterday at around 5:00. The day started off fine my uncle was saying how SFNE has a lot of stuff for kids and adults but not enough intermediate rides. I guess he's kind of right but first off we decided to head up to Crack Axle Canyon to go to the Houdini ride. My cousins were scared out of their minds before entering because they didn't know what was in the building. Anyway, there was not wait so we got on in about 3 minutes and watched the lame opening show. However the ride is really cool and is fun for me to ride no matter how many times I ride it. It freaked my cousins out too:-). After that my uncle and me went on the Tomahawk which my uncle wanted to ride but the rest of his family were too scared to try. Tomahawk had a very short line and we didn't have to wait long. Tomahawk is a very cool ride as it tickles your tummy in the beginning then by the end it's just all out intense spinning action. After we got off my Uncle thought that was the best spinny ride he's ever done. Now about now my cousins wanted to ride a roller coaster but the only coaster they were big enough to ride and not afraid of was Thunderbolt. I rode Thunderbolt in the back and I was very surprised by how much time I spent out of my seat. Also, for a coaster that doesn't go too fast Thunderbolt sure seems like a bullet going around those figure eight corners. After Thunderbolt it was time for my uncle to try Superman Ride Of Steel. The line didn't seem too long so we expected the line to be about half an hour...... wrong! They had two trains on the track but all the automatic gates were broken, so every one had to walk through one gate and this took forever make train stacking very common. Oh well, we eventually got on an hour later and Superman was its usual self, delivering an awesome ride. After we got off, my uncle was so amazed with Superman that he couldn't stop talking about it and he said it was twice as good as anything he has gone on before. After this, it was time to get dinner so we headed over to Pasta and Pizza where my uncle bought a large pepperoni pizza that was of mediocre quality but it wasn't horrilbe either. After watching Superman in amazement and finishing off our pizza we were off to ride the Cyclone.... and at this time I noticed my wallet wasn't in my pocket! So me and my uncle spent half an hour retracing our steps trying to find the stupid thing but no one had found it so we filed a lost item claim at the lost and found section of the park. Anyway, I wasn't about to let this incident ruin my whole day so after this we rode the Cyclone and had a fun time in the front. This ride is super intense and offers a lot of "ejector air" and some wicked banked curves that are quite fun. Next, we rode the Flashback boomerang which had no line. Boomerangs are so much fun for me! I mean there's a little head banging on the boomerang section but for the most part this ride is really intense, especially going through the vertical loop backwards. To finish the day off we rode the Thunderbolt again and I got the number for lost and found. So then I had to drive home with no license, season pass, library card, various other cards and 60 bucks worth in cash. Bummer.
sigh, SFNE goes "tiny" for 2001
Saturday, July 14, 2001 9:50 AM
You must of had a good time if you didn't notice your wallet was missing. For those playing at home, the Tomahawk is a Huss Frisbee, and Houdini's Great Escape is a Vekoma Mad House.

Batwing-Bow Down
Saturday, July 14, 2001 11:43 AM
houdini great escape is not a coaster. its an illusuion ride

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