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Saturday, July 13, 2002 8:08 AM

My friend, Dad, and I got to the park at about 6:15 and got in five minutes later. We noticed the Fast Lane building going along very well, with the entrance up. Also, the waterpark had just closed, and a flood of people were leaving the park. The whole purpose was to ride SROS, since we hadn't rode it in about a month.

We headed straight down to the Superhero section, and gladly saw the red train go up the lift. We hopped in line, or shall i say what is supposed to be a line. Ten minute wait. Lowest was three. Lot's of line cutting, and the queve was trashed. But that is the line, not the ride. The station smells of burning rubber, perhaps the new wheels. We got four rides in, and three of them were on the red train. This train seems faster than blue. All rides in the middle, ranging from the second car to second to last car. On our fourth ride, we started to go up the hill (two cars were up it, the rest of the train in the station), and the train just stopped. It was definitely a malfunction, not an Estop. Two mechanics came, and one had to go into the mechanical part of the station where all the machines are. We were escorted back into line, the red went through the circuit empty, and we got our only ride on the blue one. We said that was enough afraid of another breakdown, so we headed back into the heart of the park.

Time to Scream. This was the weirdest thing and I don't understand the ride ops. They were enforcint line cutting. If you've been on the ride and in the queve, you know there are three paths for each tower, and only one tower was going. So they cut off the main path that goes around the ride with a garbage can when there was people still in that part. That makes you cut through a bar into the queve part of the third tower. Anyways if that's confusing here's the ride review. My Dad's first time on it. I am still scared of this ride every time. Great ride, in double shot mode ( I think, can't remember). We then headed to...

Cyclone. This ride is just out of control this year. Unfortunately we had a suicide seat, as second to back train second row. It was awesome! So rough, but it adds to the greatness of the ride. Just imagine if Cyclone had Millenium Flyers...

Now to Flashback. We only rode it because it was my friend's first time on it this year. Not as bumpy ride as I had, but i hate the seats, and the roughness. We grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to Tomahawk. My favorite flat, it made me so nauseous, I shouldn't have eaten that food!

We then headed to Batman and it was an hour wait, so we skipped. It was about nine o clock and it was dark, so we headed to...

SUPERMAN! He lives at night. 3 rides, two of them in back. Just spectacular. Awesome rides, both back ones get ride of the day. It was even better with only a 15 minute wait!

All in all AWESOME TRIP! Superman rocks!

I lost my hat on Poison Ivy. How pathetic.

Saturday, July 13, 2002 12:35 PM
Nice TR!

-Sean Newman
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