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Monday, June 27, 2005 11:38 PM
Well had a really good time at the park today, got there @ 9:20, after making incredible time from Rhode Island, Got there with my best friend and we patiently waited for the tram to take us to the park, The parking lot near the water park is still closed oddly enough. I cant to a chronological Trip Report because i did so much so ill just talk about everything i did !

There were NO LINES to get into the park, never saw that before, The park wasn't too crowded, especially for a June Monday, but I think it was because of the chance of rain (of course there was none). Anyway there were a lot of people but When I went on a monday of Spring break there were more people in the park, but then again the water park was busy today im guessing by the view from scream and superman, Anyway that must have dispersed all the crowds, a lot of people went to the Harbor since the real feel for today was a little over 100.

First of all, Rides closed were Nightwing, Joker, Skyway, Chaos, Houdini, Scrambler which lays in pieces and Kontiki, which no one was there fixing.

Update on my trek to ride every adult ride in the park, I think i did it, I rode the Tea Cups for the first time, and only ride left because i'm not sure if i rode it or not is Scrambler.

(Adult) rides that were open but i didnt ride: (for some reason i didn't do hardly any flats) Time Warp (Which opened late as it was being fixed), Wave Swinger, Buzzsaw, Rodeo, Bumper Cars, Tomahawk, Twister, Carousel, Double Trouble, Spyder, Collosus, and i think thats all of them?

Anyway Flats I did ride and what I thought of them:

Tea Cups: First time, very fun actually but me and my best friend were spinning them like mad, it was a crazy ride! 8/10

Scream: Something i personally never have seen and wouldn't believe it if someone told me but i was there so i believe it, ALL THREE TOWERS WERE RUNNING!!! I rode 3 times total two combo (closest to bathrooms) and then we went to ride around 530 and when we rode around noon i was telling my best friend about how the tower was the old hellovator and they hardly use it ever and yada yada, and long and behold it was actually running, and we rode it, just like down time! But i'm not sure why it was being run because scream was a 10 minute wait TOPS at that point and was short most of the day except a few times it had a good 45 min wait, but mostly 10 minutes tops! 9/10 ! ! !

Oddly enough i think thats all for flats if I'm not mistaken.

Onto Water Rides:

Didnt go to the water park but Q-botted blizzard river 3 times and PSP once,

PSP: Was nice and soothing with that great scenery in the starting part, Canobies kicks PSP's butt but its still not a bad Arrow Flume, good splash too, 8/10!

Blizzard River: All effects going, even mist in the mostly long que, line was short at around noon but after that it got large, the ride it self was great, half the time you couldnt see anything there was so much mist, soaked every time (3 total). Awesome rides too, had to persuade my friend to ride it because he thought someone died on it, i told him someone died in a texas one and this one flipped over but no one died. Anyway 9.5/10!

Ship Wreck Falls, Well its ok, waited 2 boat loads which was suprising as this was around 4, the line should of been longer i believe, anyway got more wet then i've had before, water was a bit salty though. 8/10

Fast Lane:
When we got to the park the first thing we did was get a Gold Q-bot ($60 for both of us) and we knew it would be an awesome day. They are doing this new thing now that when you get a Q-bot 5 times your 6th is free! They gave us a ticket to keep for it, so i think thats a great idea! Most we waited for any ride was 3 minutes!

Food: We had our season pass booklets and we got the turkey legs, I had never gotten them before but let me tell you, get it with or without potatoes its the best deal in the park, they are huge and filling and CHEAP, for $6 you get a massive leg that stuffed me and i was STARVING! The potatoes are also REALLY good, i tried some from my best friend.

Also got Fried Oreos, the service in Mama's pizza and ale i think its called is horrible, the line was long, and there was this lady who just seemed like she hated to work there and this other girl making my oreos was very funny and lively and another coworker told her she couldnt give me a ice water in a small (actual soda cup) even though i had waited like 20 minutes for the oreos, so she got behind the girl and was like mouthing stuff to me, very funny, and then the girl gives me the water and asks did she flip me off? Also that other miserable lady kept turning down guys who wanted beer saying you need ID for the amount of beer your buying.

Got some awesome dippin dots, Cookie dough, which was delicious, and i also noticed that soda prices are diffrent all over the park. The stand near Mr. Six is $2.50, the candy shop near PSP is $2 for a bottled soda (GREAT DEAL!) and most other places and machines are 3.

Also got the kettle corn right before leaving and ate some on the way home and it was good, but when i tried it last year i think it was better.

Staff: Everyone was very friendly and nice throughout the day, saw sweepers a lot cleaning the paths, the park, i dont care what anyone else says, is very clean, besides the gum on mind erasers train, and on some walls, Blizzard Rivers building is very clean though.

Onto the Best and last part, the ROLLER COASTERS!

(All American) Riverside Cyclone: (My Best friend kept calling it that minus the riverside part), Rode once and he thought that was enough, It was a walk on when we did it at like 12ish? Wow, i think i can now side with some saying this ride needs serious help, he thought they should tear it down and put a steel coaster, i said you have no idea how many people have said that lol. Anyway that infamous drop that slams you did just that today, the ride (back seat of course) was insanely rough and beat you around, and this is with both trims on, Ride actually gave me a pounding, yet brief headache. Got to give it a 5/10 for this painful, ride....

Mr Six: Well didn't do this spring break but finally rode it today, 6 (no pun intened) times! Can't believe how some of you dont like it, I mean I wouldn't wait in the line (which was atleast 20 mins all day, well if it was 20 i might have waited but more then that no way) The single rider/q-bot line is a great idea, expect seemingly there are no single riders, ever. Anyway This is a perfect addition to SFNE and a really fun ride, the first time me and my best friend rode just me and him and at the brakes we spun like crazy for a good 20 seconds, but every other time there were other people and it didnt spin as much at the end, The ride is great though and every ride was diffrent, some hills we went down VERY fast and spun, this is a great coaster! 8.8/10 ( A perfect family ride without a doubt, certainly not a Kiddie Ride)

Only coasters we didnt ride were, GREAT CHASE and Flashback!

ThunderBolt ( is it me or does this ride op who works the ride alot look kinda like Michael Moore? Also dont like how he always looks down on the train when it leaves the station, kinda creepy, Derek gave him a funny face one of the times but he didnt acknowledge it. Anyway The ride itself had a 20 min wait tops all day, but later in the day it was two train loads of a line, very short considering what i saw spring break. Ride is running GREAT as always, VERY SMOOTH AND FILLED WITH AIR TIME. Definitly my favorite woodie @ SFNE, needs paint very badly though. 9/10 Twice in middle and once in back seat.

Poison Ivy - The fountain in the que was tipped over, very sad site to see, anyway the ride was the same as always, sat in the back seat. good kiddie/family ride. 6/10.

Mind Eraser - Two trains running and the longest I saw the line was about 20 minutes, not bad at all. Running rough though the inversion near the station has this bone jarring moment to it, its very odd but it totally jerks the train, as if a small piece of track was missing or something. This ride NEEDS PAINT, if it doesnt get painted this winter then this ride will just be hideious, it also could use some new trains so the ride rides kind of decent. 7.5/10 Both times in the back!

BatMan: The Dark Night - Great looking ride, stacking of course but when doesn't it stack, the line was atleast 30 minutes both times I rode it (didn't wait in line but i can estimate it based on past expiriences) The mist was on in the que which was nice. Ride itself was pretty good, love the lift and in the front its very forceful today, the loop made my restraint to a knotch back from the force, the corkscrews are a bit head bangy though, rode front row and back row once each.
8.5/10 overall.

Last but not least by any means, Superman!!!!!!!!!

Well My last ride, which was in the front seat, required a 25 minute wait because the ride broke down and the blue train was removed. Rode the ride 7 times today, each and every time was GREAT, rode once in car 7, Last Row of the train like 3 times, once in the front and once in the second row, and once in the second car. Mist on in second tunnel, and as always the ride was running great, Noticed the painted station but they didnt paint the superman symbol where the train departs the station, and they didnt paint any railings or anything. Ride only broke down once today and rode great with no problems untill about 6:15. 10/10 everytime, awesome, PERFECT roller coaster.

We left around 6:30, before leaving grabbed the pop korn and an ICEE and we departed SFNE, one of my best visits ever and the first time going with just one person, but I'm glad it was my best friend. Thanks for reading and ask any questions as I am Very observant.

Little Tidbits -
-Didnt notice a diffrence were this pation in the Canyon was built, it didn't look new or diffrent then last time, so I'm not to sure about someone saying the patio on the side of turkey legs was expanded for Slingshots location.
- A support near the brakes on Mr Six has a large line of missing paint and looks rusty, besides that the ride looks perfect, love the landscaping of that whole area, that park did a GREAT job with that and its much better then the buildings that had that GMC Envoy that i bet no one ever did win.
- Grove was open today
- Clean Bathrooms
- All Games and shops and eateries open for buisness
- Sky Way didnt have any cars in the stations
- Park needs rides for parents
-Also on our fried oreos we got about 6 i think, how many does the Lake give, i remember getting alot more if i recall correctly.
- @ 9:15 that parking lot is spotless!
- Trash cans placed EVERYWERE especially around Mr. Six, very convienient.
- No work being done on Nightwing or Kontiki from what i could see.
- Mr Six has a really nice load/unload set up, and on BR and Mr Six they had squirt guns, squirt bottles and super soakers and were refreshingly wetting everyone as they went out of the station.
- Sky coaster costs 20 each for two people and 15 each for 3 people.
Think thats all of it, thank you for reading my long but detailed Report!

#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! M/M's top 10 coasters: 1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Boulder Dash 3. Montu 4. Yankee Cannonball 5. Kumba 6. Gwazi 7. Mind Eraser 8. Thunderbolt (SFNE) 9. Cyclone (SFNE) 10. B:DK
Tuesday, June 28, 2005 12:19 PM
I also went to SFNE on 6/27/05 but since it was the 3rd time i went in a week i showed up around 6. im telling you if you dont stay untill night your missing a treat, Superman ROS is amazing at night with almost no line. The blue train was broken down when i first got there but was operational by the end of the night, as always the park was clean and the attendents were nice. especially on superman, by the end of the night the RO of superman was asking us if we were ready and we all had to scream it was fun, and if i asked nicely the RO wouldent push my lap bar down any farther than i had it,because when they push it down it starts to hurt. I hear bad things about six flags parks but i have never had a problem at SFNE, besides one car broken down here and there, its always a fun trip there. Onto Great Adventure for me!

Nitro is the greatest.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 1:28 PM
Yea i've been there at night alot before, its just I got there at 9:20 and me and my best friend were beat, we had Gold Q-bots and we did everything we wanted to, 6 times over, hehe, so yea thats why we left, we were sweaty and tired but i agree Superman at night is the best!
#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! M/M's top 10 coasters: 1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Boulder Dash 3. Montu 4. Yankee Cannonball 5. Kumba 6. Gwazi 7. Mind Eraser 8. Thunderbolt (SFNE) 9. Cyclone (SFNE) 10. B:DK

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