SFNE 6/25 Hot Hot Hot!!!

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Well this was my first trip to SFNE and had been looking forward to it for the past couple of months. We Arrived at the park at roughly 10am, and after parking and walking to the main gate it was about 11.

I'm just going to give a summary of the rides from here on.

Superman:Ride Of Steel
Longest wait:45min
Shortest wait:25min
Best Seat: the very back
Laps: 5

This ride defanetly lives up to all it's hype and is defenatiley at Number 1 on my list over Millenium Force and Magnum. The airtime and the positive Gs on this ride are great from the front and middle...But in the back It's INSANE!
Pretty much Ejector air on every hill ..especialyy on the bunny hops and the second hill after the overbanked turnaround.
The line for the ride was longest in the morning...then got shorter as the day went on.

Batman: The Dark Knight
Longest and Shortest wait:15 min
Best Seat: Front

This was my First Floorless coaster and it was great. The first drop is wicked..along with the Zero G Roll and the dive loop. The only negative Thing that I noticed was that it was a little rough in the back seat with just a tiny bit of head banging.

best seat: Only rode in middle
Wait:about 15min

This is a great coaster for a family to ride or for someones first coaster. A little rough but not as rough as the cyclone in the back of the park.

Best seat: only rode in front
Wait time: walk on

This is probably one of the roughest rollercoasers I have ever ridden and desperately needs to be retracked! The rid could be awesome if it was
1. Retracked
2. The original drop put back in and that section retracked( as it is already there and would be relatively cheap to reconnect it...but thats just me)

Overall I give the park a 9.5/10
The park has great collection of flas as well as coasters, great themed sections...and of course SUPERMAN!!

( i forgot to mention that it was very clean as well...except..for that gum wall on superman..thats disgusting)

Yes, I would also love to see Cyclone retracked by GCI and given the Millennium Flyer treatment. :) They'd be so damn good at navigating that track that it just frustrates me that SFNE wasted money on PTC's on it.

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I hate Six Flags. Cyclone used to be so fun but they ruined it.

Top 3
1-S:RoS @ SFNE
2-Boulder Dash
3-Yankee Cannonball

I would like to add that the Ride Ops on all the rides were great, especially on Superman

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