SFNE 6/24, Starts crappy but gets AWSOME

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Well again i'm going to start in a chronological order and trail off.

I went with my school and i JUST made it to the bus. The kid i was pickin up called me @ 7:36 and we had to be there @ 7:45, and i live 5 miles away from the school and had to pick him up, within 2 mins i was out of my house and in my car speeding there. We got there and as we walked from the lot to the bus i was putting on my belt and we Just made it!! We got to the park @ 10:15, and wow we got into the park at around 11:30, the group ticket booth is soooo slow and to get into the park there were massive lines, all the booths were open to. So i thought wow today is going to suck, not so!

Closed Rides: 1/2 of double trouble, TIME WARP (still havn't gotten to ride it and im pissed!), Wave Swinger, Scrambler (Obviously), Twister, Turbo SCREAM, and i think thats it.

SUPERMAN - 8 rides!! 9.5/10, I fit great into the restraints and it was awsome, We got the Q-bot Gold which is the best thing ever. We went to this first around 12:00 and after waiting 2 mins we decide GET Q-BOT!! I talked them into getting gold for an extra 8 each and they thanked me constantly! Park was packed but the thing helped out alot. Supermans wait ranged from 1.5 hours to 15 mins. The ride ran flawlessly with 2 trains today and they had the BEST Crew working. @ one point there was 8 operators, least was 5. Only 20 second stacking, the ops were the best. Quick and efficient. Anyone who was talking crap about them must be kidding, they were moving the lines like crazy. Gates opened as people were getting off the trains, they were really trying there hardest to go fast and it was awsome! ONLY problem, which many noticed btw, was the mist being shut off.

We ate @ the SuperHero Grill, great pizza!!

Staff - I think there still doing great, 90% of them were happy and cheerful, S:RoS were very happy and racing to check restraints, as were the ones on cyclone. A lot of you say they are now grumpy, i disagree.

BatMan: Rode twice, back row both times, 8/10, fun but the trains now are rattling and some headbanging on the corks, fun nonetheless, lots of stacking though. Real wait was between 10-45 mins, i waited 0 thanks to the Q-bot!

Mind Eraser - Started with one train till' 1 and they added the teal train. The line was huge!!! we only rode it once with a 5 min wait thanks to the Q, but thye real line was easily 1 hour ++, 6/10, LOTS of headbanging and i had a head ache after. @ around 7 the red train got stuck @ the very top for 20 mins, then the teal got stuck 1/3 up the lift for a while and they shut the ride down completly after that.

Spider, didnt go on but opened around 1, was testing before that.

Didnt go on my Buzzsaw, or kontiki or bumper cars, or Houdini, log flume, ship wreck falls, and some others

SCREAM - Both combo's open, rode both, 9/10, GREAT intense ride, lots or air @ the top too!

TomoHawk - rode once, 9/10, lots of strong spinning and just a great ride!! 15 min wait.

Sky Ride broke 1/2 through the day

FlashBack, rode once, used Q but it had a 20 min wait, i had a POUNDING headache after that ride. 4/10, for some reason it was like hell today but the GP loves the ride, they also love Mind Eraser, they all gawk at the torture device there about to ride.

Several people think 2 people have died on S:RoS, someone said that on the coach bus and i just ripped them apart, lots of crazy rumors.

Cyclone - once, Great ops, 7/10, quite rough and trims were on, pretty good ride but rough like hell today. One train...

ThunderBolt - I sat next to an attractive lady, ride 9/10, only rode once because my friends didnt like it for some odd reason, i loved it, great air on that last hill!!

Finally, BLIZZARD RIVER - rode 3 or 4 times, got soaked expect once, great ride, all effects were on and all the seats were open, i heard one of you complain recently that they always have seats taped off so the ride wont have too much wieght or what ever, thats wrong they were trying as much as possible to fill up every raft.

We were supposed to meet @ the Carousel @ 7:45 and we got a last ride on Superman right at that time and we RAN from there to main street, i returned my Q-bot and we went to the exit...

Weather - was perfect, not too hot but not cool, it was perfect, to great parks in to awsome days. SFNE needs to improve the start of the day procedure as many were very upset, but everything else was pretty damn good, i saw sweepers, and people helping, a flawless superman ALL DAY, great day because of Q-bot! Thanks for reading. M/M

#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! M/M's top 10 coasters: 1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Boulder Dash 3. Montu 4. Yankee Cannonball 5. Kumba 6. Gwazi 7. Mind Eraser 8. Thunderbolt (SFNE) 9. Cyclone (SFNE) 10. B:DK
Glad to hear they are adequately staffing the S:RoS platform when the park is busy. I was there about two weeks ago, and they had two ops on platform plus one at controls and one at platform entrance. This plus single train operation meant a dispatch about every eight minutes. There weren't many people there, so I didn't mind so much.

The Gold Q-Bot is definitley the way to go when this park is packed. Some of my buddies and I met another guy at the park last October who had allready bought one and expected us to go in on it with him. At first we all balked at the idea (especially me who had allready done the park but my friends hadn't) but we didn't want to stiff the guy so we said sure. Well it ended up being a good idea, as the park was packed and we would have never been able to get done what we did without it. I think that pretty much every ride on Superman was a walk on and I still shudder to think of how long we would have had to wait to ride Scream without it. Definitley worth it if you have the extra funds. *** Edited 6/26/2004 2:41:37 PM UTC by Pale Rider***

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