SFNE 5/4 and 5/5-Premier Parks Executive visits

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Sunday, May 6, 2001 7:34 AM
5/4-We arrived at 3:00pm and the crowds were very small. SROS has a 10 minute wait most of the day and towards night, it was a walk-on. Cyclone was closed for testing all day, so we cooled off on Blizzard River, instead. Scream! was operating one tower (understaffed, I geuss), so we skipped it. Other than the extremely warm temperatures, it was a good day. Employees were nice and good operations.
5/5-We came back another day just to ride SROS a couple times. Much more crowded! SROS didnt open until around 11am and the wait was an hour for frontseat. Scream! had one tower running combo, one running Turbo Drop, and the last tower was closed. Cyclone was closed again for testing. Not very good compared to the walk-ons and low, low crowds on Friday, but overall an OK day. Weekdays are obviously the best days to visit! We saw a Premier Pakrs executive getting a tour of the park with the park manager sshowing him everything. Maybe a 'check-up' on the park? He saw the line for SROS and asked if they were doing the FastPass program. I didn't hear the manager answer, but I hope he said yes, because SROS shouldnt be plagued by such big lines!
SROS at SFNE, the #1 steelie

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