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Saturday, May 4, 2002 9:54 AM
Took my first trip to SFNE on 5/3 , it was my first SF park beside SFGADV. its a great little park with some good rides. i kinda like it better than SFGADV, since its smaller, it has a better feel to it and it wasnt that hard to walk around all day.

It was a windy day and there was a high school thing goin on so the crowd was moderate early in the day, i got there at 1pm ( i was comming from Long Island, NY) so its about a 2 and a half hour trip, plus we left a little late, but we still had a grat day. Around 5-6 o'clock, everyone started to leave, it was awesome. Pretty much all the rides in the park were running , except Scream! and a few flat rides like Chaos.

One thing i noticed was that all the coasters were runnin 1 train. I understand why Superman was, but why Batman and all the others? It kinda made for an occasional long line. Does anybody know why? Even though there were high winds, all the coasters were running, so i was a little relieved was i saw Superman on the lift hill goin up when i got there. Now the coasters....

Superman: Ride of Steel - 5 rides

This was my first Intamin Hyper and OMG was it great! I never felt airtime as much as i have felt on this ride. To compare it to NITRO, this ride launches you instead of floating you. The most air i felt was on the second hill of the double hills along side the lift. This was pure ejection! The ride is relentless and full of negative g's. great coaster with an awesome view of that river on the way up, my new #1, for now.

The first half of this ride was by far the best part of the ride. The drop into the tunnel was mind blowing. I didnt really like the second twisted part that much , but it was still very fun. Compared to Nitro again, Nitro has a better finishing run than Superman. The last helix before the second tunnel was a little rough, but the nice pops of air on the last 3 hills made up for it.

The only thing i noticed that was somewhat bad was the one train operation. I know its been runnign one train lately and this kinda slowed things down on the line, even though they were small, but the SFNE crew was great. They got people moving fast and the loading wasnt bad at all. so good job SFNE Superman crew!

Batman: Dark Knight - 5 rides

Excellent coaster. This ride fits in this park perfectly and it looks great too! Having riddin' Medusa before, i knew what i was in for with the whole floorless deal, and it was still great as usuall.

The lift hill , as it has been mentioned before, is VERY STEEP. damn, you cant really get a good look around with out straining your neck to look out. When you reach the top crest(in about 30 sec. , its fast too), there in a Pop as you hit the dip before the drop, its awesome, especially in the back 3 rows. Its like a pop and drop. The drop itself it absoloutly wonderfull. It looks like your average run of the mill curving Batman drop but this machine drops hard and creates a free fall feeling. Its a pretty steep curve, youll really notice it when you ride it.
The loop and dive loop were awesome. In the front of the train there are a TON of g's goin into the loop with a nice amount of hangtime at the top. the dive loop had a great swoop to it, and the trunaround, though not as intense as it looks and as i liked it to be,it was swift. NOW to the wierdest part of the ride, the ZERO G roll. OK, if you have been on a B&M sitdown or floorless ride you probably have been through one of these inversions , but if you havent ridden this Batman, you are missing out on quite possibly the most wicked of them all. There is a floating/negative g/zero g/slowmotion feeling going thru it. Hands down, this is the best one ive been thru, i thought Medusa and Kumba's were great, but since this one has a little , dare i say "funk" to it, it is something not to be missed.
The corkscrews come about quite quickly and they are some angry corkscrews. Some nice snaps but not the smoothest. The second corkscrew is the better one, its really tight and has a tight snap thru it. Great coaster, all though short, dont miss it if it has a large line, its worth it.

The one train operation made for an early slow moving queue. Not to mention the 5 minute loading time. WHy? why one train? training the crew? it will move nicely with atleast 2 trains. Later in the day, there was nodoby in the park, so it was walk on, i got 4 rides in a row, very sweet.

Mind Eraser - 1 ride

My first Vekoma SLC. Cool ride. It wasnt rough at all except for the immelman/sidewinder thing. The seats werent too comfortable though and the restraints look nice and soft but there werent. Still a fun ride with some good G's and nice swoops near the ground.

Cyclone - 1 ride, thank god

OK, this ride is fun, but it is extremely rough. WTF. its worse than Rolling Thunders right side track. i got off of this twister with chest pain. Good ride, nice moments of air-popping but if you like your ride to not kick your butt, dont ride it.

Flashback - 1 ride

Awesome boomerang, i got off feeling all messed up, made me dizzy. The return trip caught me off gaurd - as we were goin up after the foward trip, i totally forgot it goes backward, i was talkin to my friend - and them BAM! we dropped, that was fun, made the ride better. Not as rough as i have heard about.

Thunderbolt -1 ride

heh, this ride is sweet. It reminded me off a smaller Dragon Coaster at Rye Playland. the double down was fun and it had some nice air at parts. I enjoyed this one better than Cyclone. Much smoother and enjoyable.

I only went on a few flat rides. I spent the day riding the coasters. I really wanted to ride Scream but there was too much wind so it was closed all day. i took a ride on Nightwing. It sits right infront of Superman. For those who dont know, its like an Enterprise ride but you are positioned in a flying position and the ride does a complete vertcal loop. heh, this was higly uncomfortable and it felt VERY VERY wierd when you get strapped in. The pads were painfull and you cannot CANNOT move you arms when you are locked in. Visually it was fun, but the forces put alot of phisical strain on your body, especially your face. Try it, youll probably be freaked out.

THe park was somewhat clean. I was suprised, but i hit a bathroom up at one point it was kinda nasty. The employese were nice, the ones i spoke to, so that was cool aswell. I will deffinitley go back some time soon,hopefully when more trains are onthe tracks. great day!


Saturday, May 4, 2002 2:32 PM
Hey Ride It, thanks for the great trip report. It makes me anxious for my visit later this month. Too bad about the one train operations though. I hope SFNE gets things together before the crowds come.
Saturday, May 4, 2002 2:53 PM
Well, SFNE was running one train on everything because if you know this park, you know how short a wait for S:RoS is on the stairs with one train operation. It was crazy short. I enjoyed it alot. And I finally got to see how the Mind Eraser transfer works. A piece of track flips over to a piece that is shaped for the train to be lead on the transfer track. Pretty nifty if you ask me ;).

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Saturday, May 4, 2002 8:35 PM
does this park get really crowded during the year? how about during the week?

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