SFNE 5/29- A day like none other!!

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Went to SFNE on 5/29 for a magazine drive prize. If we sold fourteen orders, we got to go for the second year in a row. We got to the park around...10 i think. We got right into the park. Coasterbuzz's own SFNE Freak and I decide to ride together. It's great to have an enthusiast that is the same age, same grade, same TOWN as you are. So our posse goes to Batman:The Dark Knight first off.

Batman was running great today. I'd have to say better than any other day. We get the first row. I get far right for great ride. We have 20 minutes till the first check in time, so we get on again, and we get back row. This ride was intense and sweet! I had far left first time in back row, and I'd have to say its the best row on the ride. We run to the gazebo to check in, and its off to SROS.

Superman:Ride of Steel had a 45 minute wait in the beginning of the day. Halfway through, our posse ditches us cutting line to another group from our school. I try to find a park worker to tattle tale on them but that idea failed. Just then Alex (SFNE Freak for those who don't know) reaches into his pocket to see if he has money for the kettle corn vender in the line. His cell phone is gone! one hundred seventy bucks down the drain. Too bad for you Alex. We get in line for back row in the station, and talk to the back ride op and he says that the red train needs all the seat belts to be shipped, and they're aiming for this weekend or next weekend. My first ride in the back row and the drop was great, and a great ride overall. After this we gear up with another kid from our school, and we grab lunch before Scream!

Scream! double shot working one tower today, and the line was miniscule. But it was 20 minutes due to one tower operation. Scream always has a huge line. Not today, and the ride was great! We then headed to...

Thunderbolt. Walk on number one! First row, loose seatbelt, EJECTOR AIRTIME. I always hated Thunderbolt for I felt no airtime, but today we had nothing but the best. After this....

Flashback. Walk on number two! Today 5/30 in school, someone asked me if I rode Backflash. I responded with a "no, but i rode Flashback." LOL. This ride was so rough, Alex had to buy Tylenol. So we go to the first aid in crackaxle and the door says it doesnt sell over the counters. So we go to SFNE emporium and get some. We're off to Cyclone, which Alex is wise enough to wait for the Tylenol to settle in.

Cyclone was walk on number three! Where have all the people gone? It seems that they have all disappeared. Rough ride with some good airtime. We then have a spin on Time Warp and head over to Batman, where Alex claims his cell phone slipped out onto the seat, and he forgot it. We ask the ride op and he says he didnt find one, and we check the bins and didn't see it. We head over to Mind Eraser.

Besides the fact that it was walk on number four, I'm not going to talk about this mind eraser, as its name tells the truth. On the exit ramp there's a Corn Nuts sign saying something like are you daring enough to ride again, and that makes me laugh cuz i'm not daring enough to ride that rough ride. So we decide to ride all the coasters leaving Poison Ivy. But first Alex and the other kid take a ride on Route 66, which they wouldn't have if the bridge shortcut wasnt closed. I took some tylenol from mind eraser. We then hitched up with two other kids and took the long way to Superheroes, and while we were descending the path that wraps around Superman's tunnel, we looked at its queve. Can you say that magic word. Wa...wa...wa...

Screw Posion Ivy. WALK ON SUPERMAN. A first in my life, and walk on number 5. It was probably the longest walk on, since it was one train operation and we waited one extra spin for second row. Ride of the day. Great drop, yet not as good as back, but nasty airtime on each hill. And to add on, the ride op didnt push our restraint in all the way, giving me a little more room to fly. Awesome ride, and still five minutes to spare for riding. Time to go to...

Poison Ivy. Of course its a walk on. But this has to be the story of the day. We get back row becasue its the best. Twenty cars and a 20 foot drop, you can see why. Alex asks me to put my hat on the other side, and I say nah, it doesnt go fast, so he leaves his camera and visor on the side. So with my hat ON, we go up the lift and we get sucked through surprised, and my hat flies OFF. Yes, it flies off. My world series New York Yankees fitted hat. Off. Just like that. Into the grass that hasnt ever been cut. By the way do they call that theming for that ride? So now i have no hat. Alex is laughing his ass off, so I shut him up reminding him about his phone. But now I have to live with this, I lost my hat on Poison Ivy. Jeez. But I dont care, I'll just go back to Sports Authority and buy another one with the money I made umpiring that night.

All in all awesome day. Best trip to SFNE in my life, with all the walk ons. Nex trip will probably be the week of the 17th, we go to school Monday, and then we have four days to do anything I want. I'm saying SFNE, the Lake, and possibly SFGADV...

"Take me with you. I want to climb the 208' of Superman, hurl through five inversions on Batman, and freefall 20 stories on Scream. I don't throw up....I can entertain in long lines!!"

Kid of Steel, were you the person I saw that day with a Son of Beast t-shirt? I figured it must have been someone from one of these websites. I was visiting with my sister, but we wouldn't have stood out to you. We are in our mid to late 20's and were not wearing coaster related clothing. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, and have fun this summer.
Wasn't me, I had a new york yankees back to back championship shirt with jean shorts on, and my hat until i lost it. I've never been to Ohio. Alex was wearing an orange adidas visor with tan khakis shorts and i forget what color shirt.

"Take me with you. I want to climb the 208' of Superman, hurl through five inversions on Batman, and freefall 20 stories on Scream. I don't throw up....I can entertain in long lines!!"

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