SFNE 5/25 HOT DAY!!! (90+)

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Well went to Six Flags today (Friday) and it was a good day...really hot though..

my first time of the year (07)

Left before 8 and got their in just under 2 hours w/ no speeding and a clash of traffic in providence because a late 90's monte carlo caught fire...that was inconvienient.. . . Theres an angry (X) GM customer...

but anyway i thought the mass pike wasnt charging anymore as i heard that on the news but seemingly that was all a dream?
atleast it went down $.10 ...not a big dif but w/e

uhh Got to the park @ like 9:40 and paid the..$15 for parking

so a small line to get in, i got my season pass coupon book

and we entered and avoided the photo nazi's

um first thing we did is head for superman but we went on scream first
both towers running combo
and every coaster w/ 2 trains ran them besides the woodies .. .

The park did have a good amount of people, appearantly lots of kids didnt go to school today and alot were on field trips, again inconvienient

scream was really fun and then went to superman and waited maybe 20 mins? longest of day
we went twice more and waited 10-15 mins after 5 i'd say...

and we did not get a qbot soo thats pretty good

after headed back up and it was blazing hot already and it got a lot worse lol

but yea headed for mind eraser which was closed and then went on batman instead... which we went on twice today and both times it had a wait of about 1/2 hour ish... but back row is rougher then row..4 i believe it was...as i didnt hit my head once in that row . . .

we then went into the waterpark which was like...1/3 open all day cuz their still understaffed so like only everything to the right was open which was pretty weak... all kiddie pools

but went n yada yada and then left after an hour?

headed out for the north end (cyclone area) and rode buzzsaw on the way which is always fun and then up towards flashback..which was closed... and then we rode time warp and blizzard rivers line was HUGE like an hour atleast so we didnt go on it...this is where qbot would have been good but still not worth it

we went on Catapult which was fun and didnt squeeze me as bad as last year which is good. . . and then cyclone, rode in the middle and got kinda banged up and was given a headache which is still currently lingering (10:45 pm)

park closed at 8 and we left around 730ish

but anyway so um we waited 1/2 hour for shipwreck falls but needed to get wet asap lol

houdini was closed which sucks...(HAS A/C!) but me and tony rode rodeo while alan and ben rode tomohawk, which i love but didnt go on this time...didnt ride it at that point cuz we just ate and i didnt wanna risk it...

we also rode nightwing for the first time in a while and that was...not bad, kinda fun actually, third ride of the day after superman and scream

Also the side of double trouble that has been closed for 3 years was now the side that was operating and it was also pretty fun...

As we went to the waterpark for the second time, i looked over at Mind Eraser and noticed a mechanic walking out the entrance and putting the chain to the side and i asked is it open now and he said yea and we were the first ones on ....later on while on superman it (mind eraser) was closed again and for the rest of the nite

Also Flashback reopened but with a ...huge line for rest of day, before it broke down when we walked by it had no line . ... but yea... my idea was overuled and no flashback today

so while in the waterpark for time # 2 we went back into wave pool (small one) n then tony and alan left to go lay down and me n ben stayed in and the waves begun and 1/2 thru we left and checked in w/ the other two and then went to check out typhoon which didnt have a huge line so we waited a 1/2 hour ish and it was really quick (its a water slide roller coaster w/ launches up every hill) and its awesome....really fun ride, not gonna lie, probably one of if not my new fav of the water park... to bad its line is always HUGE

we also rode the other slide the wide pink n yellow one which was a 15 min wait

but not a fan of 2/3 of the waterpark being closed...all the good parts too...the variety pool as i call it w/ the water fall and waves that you go through and the huge wave pool, the lazzy river...my fav

but yea anyway...not huge on water parks but its pretty nice
except my feet are killing rite now... damn it was hot today...

Closed rides you ask?

Mind Eraser (like 65% of the day)
Flashback (25% of the day)
and it looks like everything else was open which is pretty good

Some observations
New paint on supermans station? Looks like it atleast
also all cob webs n crap are cleaned out from all the lights in station finally...
actually it looks like a new station its soo clean

Cyclone still looks awesome

Catapult seemed to work well all day

Water rides had a huge ling

we went on splash water falls early in morn around 1130? and only waited like 10-15 mins but after it prob had a solid hour wait all day

The park was extremely clean...like everything...it was amazingly impressive, new owners are really doing good things...looks like some paint may have been touched up on some things

Batman had a ton of empty seats like every train, so line wasnt moving all that well

also still lots of empty seats here n there on supes, so the new single rider thing doesnt seem 2 be working great at filling them i guess?

Wiggles world looks...cute
glad route 66 stayed route 66

poison iv...erm ... catwomans whip should get a new paint job...more theme appropriate perhaps?

We ate lunch at Big Bens, my fav place n it was goood
Brisket and Sausage platter...only like 3 or 4 sides today...
also had gelati which is my fav ice cream/italian ice combo...sooo goood

They were working on panda express quite a bit, not open though

umm well thats all my observations i believe?
Thunderbolt didnt get painted but needs too, rides great though

Rodeo is nice but a tad bit short and takes for ever to load, along w/ nightwing..

so although it was a bit busy, it did die down a bit after alot of schools left which was great and it was a pretty decent day to kick off the 07 season...even if i missed my annual april visit, atleast i went before june!

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