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Got to the park at 10 am and had no trouble parking but $10 is little high. Walked to the front gate and waited for 20 minutes just to buy a ticket. They only had two windows open and lines extended all the way to the stairs.

Got my girlfriend a ticket and got me a seasons pass. One hint to anyone getting a pass. I wasn't sure where to process my pass so I headed for guest relations. It is to the right of the entrance just after you get into the park. The is the sweet part, there was no one waiting in line. Got my photo and pass in about 5 minutes. As I was walking down the main drag, I noticed a line of about 50-100 people waiting to get into a small building. They were telling people to get their passes processed there and no one knew about going to guest relations building. The line was about a 45 minute wait and was able to skip it.

Moving on, I went straight to B:DK and it was a walk on. Got the middle of the train and went for a sweet ride. The only complaint is that the second corkscrew had a little head banging. Otherwise it is a short but sweet ride. Got right back into line an got front seat within 5 minutes. The front seat rocks. I love the front on floorless coasters. Still some head banging at the second corkscrew. Will I was going up the lift hill I was talking to the guy next to me who had gotten two quick rides on S:ROS but he said by the time they left it was already 45 minutes. So I waited to hit it until later.

Next was a ride on Mind Eraser. This was a mistake. This ride is one of the worst I have ever been on. I was on it last year and vowed never to go on it again but my girlfriend wanted to do it. Not worth the time.

Headed to S:ROS to see the wait and it was over an hour. Decided to head over to the other side of the park and was on Flashback within 20 minutes. I was pleasently surprised by this ride. Would do it again if the line was not too long.

Next was lunch. Let me say that the prices are getting out of hand. $7 for chicken fingers. Lunch cost $21 for the both of us. Water itself was $3. I must of spent $12 on water alone. We hit some flat rides and then decided to head towards S:ROS.

On the way we heard alot of moaning and groaning about how people wanted their money back. Not a good sign. Got up to the que line and was told it was down for at least 45 minutes. Sat and watched the batman stunt show because the temp was around 85 and it was starting to get sticky. Just as the stunt show finished, S:ROS started to run some test laps. Walked right into line and noticed everyone come a runnin right after we got there. As we were waiting I noticed that the third and fourth cars were empty. I couldn't believe my eyes. They had a problem with the seats so they just weren't using them. Waited a half an hour to get on. Should of been no more than 20 minutes since we were right at the entrance to the station. Took forever to wind our way through the last couple of turn arounds in the line. We were able to grab last row because no one was headed that way. As we were waiting for the our turn I asked the mechanic who was looking at the red train that was on the transfer track about when they would start using the red train. He said the plan was for Memorial Day. The train is sitting there and they are still tweaking it. I would hate to go this weekend and have only train running like today. Why monday, I don't know. Had a great ride and decide to grab some kettle corn and headed home. The crowds were light today and superman was still over an hour wait with only one train that had only 7 of 9 cars being used.

Glad to see S:ROS is up and I'm glad to know that the 2nd train will be ready for memorial day because I am going June 18th with my friend. Nice Trip Report!

-Sean Newman
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I'm going June 5th and will punch someone if two three thigns happen:

-Cyclone is being greased all day, it's all ready had its taming, don't slow it down more with that darn grease.

-Mind Eraser doesn't open till mid afternoon, this happens everytime, and as much as I despise SLCs, those firsst drops are one of my favorite elements on any coaster.

-Superman better be open or I'll tear the hinges off those gates. I'm gonna' have the battle with my school principle and I wont be able to break his 12 consecutive ride record if it's closed.

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Just as an update on the Superman situation, I drove over to Agawam today and they DID NOT have the second train running.

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Went yesterday (27th) and blue train was running 8 of the nine cars, with car 5 roped off. Mind Eraser was down all day. B:DK stopped twice for 15 minutes (which isn't terribly out of the ordinary).

The ride-op on S:RoS said the red train needed to run for 1000 hours before it could be used. (Presumably to get into the bottom of the bathtub failure curve). I think he meant 1000 laps, cuz 1000 hours is a LOT of time. He said they were running it nights and trying to get it ready for next weekend, but that's what they said last weekend too.

Photonix: How did you get processed at Guest Relations? I went to the window on the right of the metal detectors, just on the inside of the park, and asked the lady there if she could process, and she said that I have to wait for the small building. Were you inside or outside the security when you got processed?

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ApolloAndy: Right after I walked into the park past the security I took a right and walked into a small office that is connected to the gates. There were two people in there and I asked the guy if I could get my passed processed and he said sure. I didn't realize that the park was doing the passes in a different building. I guess I got lucky.

I hope they get the red train running because I am getting sick of not being able to get multiple rides in on the same day.

Same with me, I went around 3 weeks ago and only got one ride on Superman due to a 2 1/2 hour wait. Batman broke down for 40 minutes during the middle of the day. All other coasters were running only 1 train including Mind erser, which had over an hour and 1/2 wait. Are you kidding, I wouldnt wait ten minutes for that ride. The shortest wait I had was early in the day 25 minutes for batman. Later on it was about an hour. It was not that great of a day, except for Batman and Superman. Superman in the back with plenty of lap bar room was great.

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