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Well this really was a tale of two different days so ill split them up in to two separate parts. First part, was absolutely the greatest I've ever seen Six Flags run. Second part not so much.

Part 1: Finally three weeks into the season i finally get to go to my favorite place, Six Flags. I was with my two friends. We got there around 10:45, paid to park and we were in. The sight of Superman really made me happy after a extremely long off season. So me and my friend got our season passes, 149.98 for two, not bad at all! They then gave two free tickets for this weekend, which was nice since my one friend was going to pay to get in. Also I look back to see no rides on the closed list, I think thats the first time I've ever seen that. So finally we get into the park and go strait to Superman to find that it was running two trains! There was barely a line. So we waited a train for back row.The ride was full of airtime and speed just like usual. If you haven't got to ride it yet you really should plan a trip to SFNE. I really needed this ride, i finally got that adrenaline rush that had been lacking all winter. Then we waited 2 trains for the front, which was even better, than got on the back walk-on. BTW the crew was working amazing they had four people checking the trains, barely stacking trains, it gave me hope for the rest of the season.

So after we got our Superman fix and decided to see how the rest of the park was doing. My one friend wanted to ride Mind Eraser, and we go up to find them running two trains too! There was no line. So again it was quite surprising how amazing this day was going. That was until I rode Mind Eraser, I had forgotten how much i hate this ride, i felt like i had been punched in the head.

After Mind Eraser we decided to ride Batman, they were also running two trains. Its obviously almost impossible not to stack trains on this ride, but they were trying their best. One train wait, and it provided its usual short and sweet comfortable ride. By this time it was around 12:30 so we decided to get our season passes processed, on the way there we decided to get a ride on thunderbolt, one train wait, awesome ride like usual. Got our season processed , the booklet seemed to have more bring a friend free and more 15 dollar ones than last year isn't a bad thing. It was time to leave the park and get some lunch at Nicky's which as always was soooo tasty. This ended the first part of our day, which was the best ive ever seen six flags operations.

Part 2: After getting back from lunch is when six flags seemed to turn back into its old self, most of it was not their fault though. We got back in and decided to see how Superman was doing, it had a line that was into the second switchbacks. It was broken down and only had the blue train on.

It was time to check out the cyclone end of the park, so we went up there and got in line for Cyclone. It was about a 20 minute wait with one train running. Now this ride is the only roller coaster that actually scares me, because i have been thrown around on hurt on it so many times. However we ride it every time anyway, we get in and go for the front row. The suspense built as we went up the lift hill, and through the first half, no pain! I was shocked, it was actually a good semi-smooth ride. I don't know if they did anything with it in the off-season, but it was a extremely enjoyable ride.
So this whole time Catapult was broken down, it ran empty cycles for like 2 hours for some reason. So I decided to ride Pandemonium since i had only ever ridden it once. Thank god for the single riders line, I got right on instead of a 45 minute, I suppose i see why people would enjoy ride but it just isn't my cup of tea. It just seems boring except for the drop down after the brake run.

After that we waited one cycle to for Time Warp, this was only the second time I've ridden this and it was just as enjoyable as the first time. Very good ride. We went up to find Catapult was still broken down, then we rode Flashback which seemed to be a little bit rougher than last year. We got a quick ride on Shipwreck Falls since I've never been on it before.
While on Flashback I saw that Superman's train was stuck on the lift. However we went down to see what was up, we went on Catwoman's Whip since i never been on before.Its a family ride, not much more to say there. The line for Superman was in the third switchback but we decided to wait, and the people kept leaving so we moved all the way up to the first switchback. Then a worker came out and made us leave the line saying it was closed down for the rest of the day. I had a gut feelign that it wasn't going to be closed for the rest of the day though.

This is when it started to rain, which i love when it rains, it gets all the people out. We decided to jump on thunderbolt which had no wait. While getting checked it just kept raining harder and harder, till it was down pouring. The ride op asked if anyone wanted to get off, nobody did. We got dispatched and the rain semi-hurt barely moving. This ride on Thunderbolt was probably the best ride of the day, it was so out of control, it was the perfect speed to where the rain didn't really hurt extremely bad. By far the best Thunderbolt ride ever. Then they closed it after we got off due to rain, it must have been running to fast or something?

We then went up to see how Cyclone was doing, it was closed due to rain. Catapult was running now, so we went on that and it was just as intense as last year. Even more due to the rain. By this time the rain had let up a bit so Cyclone was re-opened. There was only five people in the station so we got on second row. This time it was raining a little bit , and i believe i have figured out the secret for enjoying Cyclone. You have to get as pumped up as possible and just go crazy, just like a mosh pit. So then when you get thrown around it doesn't bother you at all. It worked for me and Cyclone has gone past Batman as my number two ride at the park, its just gives an amazing ride. By this time they had escorted everyone off the the lift of Superman after about an hour and half. The rain had stopped and there wasn't many people in the park so I decided to go on Scream since I haven't been on it in years. It was on combo mode, it was fun but nothing special to me. While on Scream i saw they were testing Superman in rapid succession.

So after I got off scream we ran down to Superman to see a short line building up outside the queue line. They than re-opened the line and we got right into the station. They send the first train with people out without a hitch, until they got to the brake run, when the train stopped the lift stopped. Broken down again when i was next in line for the 2nd row. Then they just open the gates without testing again, we got on and had an amazing ride with no break down. The train after us though when we were in line had the exact same problem, again fixed in about 5 minutes. We got back into the station and were waiting for the front row. We had a 3 train wait for the front, and it broke down two trains in a row, it was obviously the same problem over and over again. The mechanic kept going to the sensors before the lift and putting his keys through them to trip them off and than everything would be fine. During one of the breakdowns I was talking to one of the ops, and I told him it was running better when it was two trains, he informed me that the red train was having problems. The restraints would not unlock when they got it back in the station, he also told me that they keep track of the miles that each train have on them and that the blue train has a lot more on it. I thought it was interesting that they keep track of such things. We finally got on the front and it was again amazing once again. I really applaud the mechanic crew on Superman for being persistent on getting it running, I can't help but think if a problem like this happened on a ride at GADV it would be shut down for the day. We decided we had enough for the day, and left.

Summary: The park had a much better feel to it than last year, they had good music playing all over the park. I found it ironic that they were playing Smoking in the Boys Room by Motley Crew when their so against smoking. There were characters all over, and all the employees were persistent on no letting line jumping happen, which i saw nobody doing. The security was all over the park.All staff was extremely courteous Wiggles World looked great for the little kids! I have much faith in this season with good operations the first half of the day, and things that really weren't six flags fault later in the day. It was by far the best operations by six flags Ive ever seen.It was one of my best trips and I can't wait for my next trip to this wonderful place.

Superman: 5
Mind Eraser:1
Catwomans Whip:1
Time Warp:1
Shipwreck Falls:1

Rides Broken Down: none, Superman had some problems. *** Edited 4/29/2007 11:46:46 PM UTC by Devins3***

Nitro is the greatest.

Sounds like Six Flags might be a better chain this year.

Timbers crew 08

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