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Sunday, April 23, 2006 10:28 PM
well the day started out when i left at 6 from my home in albany ny and the skies didnt look so good but i decided to go anyway with my buddy. the whole way there it was drizzling but stopped as soon as we got to the park. we got there and were one of the first people there and saw superman testing so i was very excited.

on the way from the parking lot it started raining but nothingm serious, i got to the park around 9:30 and hung around main street waiting for the park to open. they did their little dance and let us in, there were barely any people but we decided to head right for superman, there at the entrance we were escorted by the justice league to superman, we get there and its not open

then we decided to head over to thunderbolt and got on the 2nd row(walk on). good ride like usual decent air time. rain wasnt that bad. well we decided to go see if batman was open, and on our way there we saw it running and iwas suprised cause it was raining preaty good. we headed over and got a walk on front row, great like usual, the rain hurt a good bit but it almost made it better seemed faster.

in my past many trips ive only ridden 3 rides ( superman, batman and thunderbolt) but not knowing if superman was gonna open the rest of the day i decided to ride everything. so we make our way up to houdini but my friend decides that he would get sick. so we went past flashback and there was no line so i decided to go on it even tho boomarangs make him sick, its been like a year since i rode flashback and it killed my head and my neck last time so i was a little bit worried about it, got on the next to last row, i went the whole ride without any head banging and it was awsome, damn that loop is forceful coming back, but it was great.

then we made our way over to cyclone and there was no one in line (the line is amazing) and we got in the front row, they sent out a test run and let us on. i also havent been on cyclone since last season cause it was so rough but this ride was amazing no hurtful roughness the only that hurt was the hill closest to the road. but i had alot of fun anyway.

by now it was around 1130 and we decided to go get some lunch at nickys and it was great as always, huge pieces for 2 bucks cant beat it. superman was testing periodicly throughout the day but not with people on it. on our way back in we saw superman running with people on it! so we hurried to it. we gett there and the line was in the 2nd set of switchbacks but they werent using the rows in the 1st switcbacks. one train operation so it took about an hr to get the 2nd row and it was amazing like usual rain hurt but it was worth it.

then we went back to batman and go the back row, a much different experience from the back it was awsome. on our way to batman we decided to try out splashwater falls and it was ok, spun a little kinda felt like the raft was gonna go off the track but it was fun i guess.it was the first flat ive ever rode at sfne.we made our way back to flashback and i rode it again, once again amazing.

then i saw catapult testing so i decided to try it out. i got on and sat down, the restraints then locked down and omg are they tight, the lap bar just seemed to keep going down further and further, it was quite uncomfortable.finally were all strapped in and they say all clear, and now im a little nervous because i never ride flats, the anticipation was builting and then i hear over the speaker ur restraints are opening please exit to the left i was pissed :angry: cyclone was closed due to rain. then i decided to go on time warp, and i must say i was impressed i had to wait one cycle, when ur on the ride it seems short, but the feeling of being practicly suspended totally upsidedown was awsome.

we decided to go to the car to get somethin to eat, but wanted to go on thunderbolt once more before we left, 2nd row again once again a good ride. on thunderbolt i saw that there was no line for superman so of course we had to go. go on in the back row, omg i havent ridden it in the back in a while, it makes the drop so amazing :D then after that we decided to just get back in line and do it again, the whole ride was amazing the rain hurt but no biggie. we went out to our car and came back.

we went on superman right away in the front with abouta 4 car wait. amazing like usual the rain hurt alot more from the front obviously but still awsome. then re-rode from the 2nd row same as always.we went to see if catapault was open and it wasnt so i rode flash back once more same as before. we then headed to batman and got on the front row, by now it was around 645 and it was getting preaty darn cold, this ride hurt and really made my friend feel sick and disoriented, to me it was awsome, i wanted to do a re-ride but he didnt so we then headed back to superman to round out the day.

we got on the 2nd row it was starting to get dark by now since it was around 7:15 but we went on the ride and it was raining preaty good and it was painful but really fun, but my friend felt really sick after this ride, but i wanted to ride once more so i go on in the back and it was a 2 train wait. the ride attendent asked me how many times i have been on the ride today and i said 7, she was like yea cause i have seen u quite a bit i laughed, i thought it was cool that she rememberd some of the peoples faces. for some reason it was not raining on this run it was amazing, cold really cold but amazing. i got off wanting more so i went back on and got on the next train that was in the station on the 2nd to last row and as i was putting my hat in the bin these group of girls asked me if i could ride with their friend cause they iddnt want to ride alone,i said ok cause im a nice guy but it was in the middle of the train :( it was the worst ride of the day and the rain had picked back up. i didnt want my last ride of the day to be bad so i went on again, no apparently there was a concert when i went someone named b5 or somethin like that idk who they are and i didnt really care, but it was about quarter to 8 by now and i wanted to go on the back. there was 1 train ahead of me so i thought i was set. then they let a whole group of people in to ride apparently some of them was the "band" but they only filled up the front i dindt understand that. then tey sent out a train of regular people. now its my turn its 8 by now im very excited about being on the back, then one of the attendents came up to me and said " sry to be a pain but there are some VIPs that want to ride in the back so ull have to move to the 2nd row" oo i was pissed cause by now it was almost total darkness and i wanted to go on the back, but why didnt they all just let them on at once i didnt understand this concept? and im a season pass holder why am i not a VIP lol. so i went on the 2nd row last train of the day and it was really good really really cold by now felt like i was about to get frostbite but it was really fun and then we left and went home.

Summary: park was dead no one there walk ons everywhere it was amazing, wet and cold but didnt affect me any really. first one there last to leave cant get better than that

Ride Count:
Superman:9 (11/10)
Batman:3 (9/10)
Thunderbolt:2 (6/10)
Cyclone:1 (8/10)
Flashback:3 (9/10)
Time Warp: 1 (8/10)
Splash water falls:1 (6/10)
Catapault:0! ( restrained but not sent thru pissed me off but im sure there was a good reason.)
next time i go im gonna ride more flats they were fun.
Rides Closed:
Mind Eraser
cyclone 12:30 and on,
catapault off and on
there may have been others but i didnt see them.
this is my first trip report and i almost hope it rains/drizzles every time i go it was amazing just wished it was a lil warmer is all. hope its ok. *** Edited 4/24/2006 2:30:24 AM UTC by Devins3***

Nitro is the greatest.


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