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Monday, April 18, 2005 11:02 PM
I went w/ my best friend and two female friends of mine, and we got there an hour early @ 11. Already a lot of cars were there and the lines to get in were huge, Got a parking pass and season passes and later in the day we got the season passes processed and the line went VERY fast which was awesome.

Anyway after entering the park (Roughly 12:10) we headed down main street and everyone went to 3 rides, Mr Six, S:RoS, and for some reason, Thunderbolt. Last year started the season w/ that coaster but this year started with SCREAM which was a complete WALK ON so while on it (running two towers w/ NO LINE, I rode the Combo which was awesome 10/10) we noticed that the S:RoS line was just opening and the line stretched almost to the stunt show entrance.

Anyway after a great ride on scream we decided to not go to Superman and to head to the South end were there was like 10 people! We went to Mind Eraser and waited 10 mins but it was broken, and hadn't even taken guests. Two trains running but the ride opened later on and had long lines, two train op though, and I didn't go on it. It was closed for like 2 hours though.

So we headed to B:DK and went straigh to the front row and waited for the next train to enter the station, and then we rode it again and walked right onto the back row, Awesome ride, and we could of rode it like 30 times with no line but we headed over to Chaos which I havn't been on in years. BDK was a 9/10, smooth and very fun!

Chaos had the coolest ride op, he mentioned his name several times, Wayne, and he joked with everyone, and then when we were all leaving the ride, he shook everyones hand and said have a great day and thanks for riding chaos.

After that we went to check on Superman, an hour and 20 minute wait, the line was under the first new que cover. The ride DIDNT break down all day from what I saw EXCEPT a small glitch that delayed the ride @ like 6:45 and that only lasted 5 minutes.

Well had two rides that I have not been on in the park and today got to take one off that list, Route 66, short line in that little building but still took like 15 minutes. Only ride left is Tea Cups which I didnt feel like riding today.

Anyway it was an awesome ride and got in two rides today, both over an hour wait and both very back seat, awesome both times, felt good to ride Superman again.

After that we went to check out Mr Six w/ no intentions of riding it knowing the line would be long and of course it was, On the way Flashback was closed, opened later and it was my second last ride of the day, and it was quite forcefull in the loop backwords, more then i remember, and it was pretty smooth, 7/10. Anyway Time Warp was also broken but reopened later in the day, I like were they put the Turbo Bungees, looks nice and the whole Mr. Six area looks great.
Along with skyway other rides that were closed were Nightwing, and i think thats it, I didnt see any other ride closed, houdini was on the list but I saw it open, which is cool.

So We went to Cyclone and it was a 10 minute wait with one train and it was awesome because ALL THE TRIMS WERE OFF, When we hit the turn before the cameras I just realized the first set of trims were off, and then I tried to feel if the second set would be on and it wasn't. The ride was awesome and VERY fast. 9/10. My friends didn't want to go on again though, THe ride was rough and I sat in the last seat, like always the drop after that big turn around just slammed me into my restraint. Didn't really notice any where that was retracked.

After that we went to go eat and went to Big Bens which is my favorite place, The brisket was a little cold but it was really good as was the fries and fruit salad. After we ate we went to get our season passes and then wait for superman for the first time out of two. Hour and twenty minutes later we were on.

After that we went to poison Ivy but skipped it, the line was near the fountain the longest i had ever seen. My friend wanted to ride for the credit.

Anyway we went to get a snack and then the wave swinger which was fun. AFter that went to Twister which is running a new program which is very intense but ends to fast it seems. Also Went on Buzzsaw which was fun but seemed kind of short and it really needs paint.

So we walked around a bit and went to Tomohawk which was awesome, very powerful and it was actually opened at the begining of the season!

After that it was like 5:50, and we decided to ride Superman one last time and it was like 6:20 and I still saw people entering the que for the ride. We got on a little before 7 and there was like no one in the park, it was cool.

So overview, its weird how it was like 80 but all the trees had no leaves so from everywere you could like see the grove, I would love them to add some rides down there, its HUGE. Anyway all the employees were cool, except on Flashback two restraint checkers were like fighting and it was wicked funny, Everyone was polite and really nice so great workers, and tons of sweeps getting in nook and crannies on the stairs to DC and everything.

Almost every ride was open, and most rides were one or two cycle waits, except coasters, and Thunderbolt had like a 45 minute wait all day, so didn't get to go on it.

Well left at 715 and had a great time at the park for the first time of 2005. As I kept saying going up the lift hill of S:RoS "This is the first last ride of 2005"

#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! M/M's top 10 coasters: 1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Boulder Dash 3. Montu 4. Yankee Cannonball 5. Kumba 6. Gwazi 7. Mind Eraser 8. Thunderbolt (SFNE) 9. Cyclone (SFNE) 10. B:DK

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